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Modular Pre-Fab Saunas


Knotty Interior - Horizontal Lining

$100 Flat Rate Shipping*
No Hidden Costs
No Hidden Extras

The Pre-Built saunas are built in the US or Canada depending on the model selected. The price obviously includes the cost of packaging. We also handle all costs for shipping

We pay the freight. The price for the sauna is the only price you pay.

*Note About Flat Rate Shipping:

  • Minimum charge for Flat Rate Freight is $3500.00. Pre-Built saunas under this amount may have a small freight surcharge.
  • For the following States (CA, WA, NV, OR, MT, ID, UT, NM, WY, CO, AZ, TX), a freight charge may apply-depending on the kit value and exact destination.
  • Flat Rate Freight excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

TERMS: Payable in U.S. dollars. Credit card with order; Visa or MasterCard or; Pay by money order or certified check.

Pre-Fab Sauna Pricing - KNOTTY CEDAR


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(Horizontal Lining)


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HEATER (included)

Sauna Craft
CTTS Model
Built-In Control




4' x 6' $3,350 Go to Clear Sauna Pricing 4000W 3
5' x 5' $3,350 4000W 2
5' x 6' $3,750 4000W 3
6' x 6' $3,900 5000W 3
5' x 7' $3,900 6000W 3 (4 with "L" bench option)
5' x 8' $4,000 6000W 4 (5 with "L" bench option)
6' x 7' $4,000 7500W 3 (5 with "L" bench option)
6' x 8' $4,300 7500W 4 (6 with "L" bench option)
7' x 8' $4,700 7500W 4 (6 with "L" bench option)

For sizes not shown, please call for availability.


1. Saunas come standard with MAHOGANY PANELING ON ALL EXTERIOR WALLS. You may add cedar to any outside wall to choose. See options below for pricing.

2. Door located on long wall across from benches. See "Pre-Fab Modular Clear Layouts" for availability.


  • Pre-fab saunas are outside dimensions. Inside dimension available as well. Call for details.

  • Outside height is 81". Requires 85” height clearance for standard assembly. (Some height adjustment may be possible.)

  • Benches are pre-assembled.

  • Standard heater is Sauna Craft CTT-S with control built into front base of heater.

  • Sauna Door with 16" x 64" thermopane glass window.

  • Cedar floor for walking area (not under benches or heater).

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Options and Upgrades

PMK-ACD Additional KNOTTY Cedar Lining for exterior walls
Example: 5’ x 7’ sauna. Add two exposed walls in cedar. 5 + 7 = 12 x $21.00 = $252.00
of wall
 Doors (All Door Glass is Insulated Thermopane)  
LKCD Solid cedar door with small window. $115
PM1B-56 SINGLE TOP TIER "L" RETURN BENCH (5' and 6' deep saunas) $110
PM1B-78 SINGLE TOP TIER "L" RETURN BENCH (7' and 8' deep saunas) $135
PM2B-56 TWO TIER "L" RETURN BENCH ( 5' and 6' deep saunas) $165
PM2B-78 TWO TIER "L" RETURN BENCH (7' and 8' deep saunas) $195

 Sauna Accessory Packs

PM -ACC-1X 4 liter (1 Gallon) bucket and ladle, wood thermometer, headrest. $105
PM - ACC-2X Light shade, sand timer, towel rack, scented essence


 Sauna Craft Heater and Control Upgrades


CTT-M Sauna Craft 100% 304 Stainless Steel construction, including frame, rock tray $85
CTT-STL 100% 304 Stainless Steel construction, Reservoir (Lifetime Residential Warranty) $195
CTT-XR 100% 304 Stainless Steel construction, Deep rock tray, (Lifetime Residential Warranty) $195
PM-EPC9 ELECTRONIC CONTROL - Mounted on Exterior wall next to door (with “CW” series heater). LED display, quiet operation. Push button operation, delay start, child safe lockout and more…

 Tylo Heater Sizing

SuperSport - up to 5’ x 5’=4.6 kW. Up to 6’ x 7’=7kw; 6’ x 8’ - 8’ x 8’ =8.3 kW.
Combi up to 6’ x 7’=7kw; 6’ x 8’ - 8’ x 8’=8.3 kW

TYLO-SS Tylo SuperSport with controls built into top front of sauna heater
TYLO-DX-TS Tylö Deluxe model with TS-30-01 outside control $325

Tylö SE model CC10: Electronic touch control. Light diodes indicate time & temperature on 1-10 scale. 10-hour pre-set delay start.


Tylö SE model CC50 outside control: Electronic touch control, digital display, security lockout, light switch


 Tylö Combi Heater

The Tylö Combi is quite simply the most sophisticated sauna heater on the market - the only heater that lets you enjoy traditional saunas and steam or herbal saunas (Tylarium™) in one and the same room. The choice is yours - a traditional sauna at 155-195°F in a relative humidity of 5-35%, or a steam sauna at 110-115°F in 40-65% humidity.

TYLO COMBI 7 Tylö Combi-7 (7 Kw upgrade for 4’x 5’ up to 7’x 6’ sauna kits) $950
TYLO COMBI 8 Tylö Combi-8 (8.3 Kw upgrade for 6’x 8’ up to 8’x 8’ sauna kits) $1,020
PMK-W-### Window pre-installed in wall panel. Call for available sizes. $120-$200

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