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SM Builder Series
Steambath Pricing
Canadian Customers


Please see the updated SMP Series

All units feature Stainless Steel water reservoirs and Solid State Circuitry. Manufactured to the highest quality;

All units are UL & CUL (Canada) Listed.

For residential and “light” commercial (i.e. condominiums) applications.

Carries a Residential two year warranty on parts and labour and beyond that a limited lifetime warranty on all parts.

Units turn off automatically after 60 minutes



Please see the updated SMP Series


Model No. Part
kW Max. Area (cu/ft) Volts/
Fusing Wire Size Dimensions Your Price
SM-5 5010 5 100 240/1 30 10 15" x 6" x 15.5" Sold Out
SM-7 7010 7 220 240/1 40 8 15" x 6" x 15.5" Sold Out
SM-10 1010 11 475 240/1 50 8 15" x 6" x 15.5" Sold Out
SM-12 1200 12 550 240/1 60 6 17.75"x7.5"x15.5"

Sold Out

SM-15 1500 15 675 240/1 80 4 17.75"x7.5"x15.5"

Sold Out


*   208 volt, 1 and 3 phase steamers are also available. 

Wire/breaker size is recommendation only. Consult your licensed electrician to confirm requirements.

** For larger than 15 kW steamers, use two Total Sense Steamers twinned to one control and an extra steamhead  (3199) and extra control cable (4010).

CONTROLS (Purchase Separately)

Optional Finishes

The SMC-150 and SMC-120 Controls and the 3199 Steamhead are available in Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

steam control finishes

Model No.

Part No.


Your Price


SMC-150 SM Digital Control

Turn your steam bath on and off, use the programmable digital control to set the temperature you prefer.

Mounts inside steam shower.

SMC-150 comes with matching 3199 Steamhead.

Size: 3.7" X 3.7

150-PC Polished Chrome $370
150-PN Polished Nickel $400
150-BN Brushed Nickel $400


SMC-120 SM Digital Control


This start/stop control activates the steamer. It can be mounted outside of the steam room. This control has to be used in conjunction with the above inside control, so that the steambath can be started from outside the steamroom.

Size: 3.7" x 3.7"

* If SMC120 being used as extra exterior control, Deduct $95.00 for steamhead (3199) not required.

120-PC Polished Chrome $240
120-PN Polished Nickel $270
120-PB Brushed Nickel $270

Image Part No. Finish Your Price

Auto Drain

Not required or recommended for residential models

SBS-101C Polished Chrome $420
SBS-101BN Brushed Nickel $460
SBS-101PN Polished Nickel $460
EXTRA 3199-PC Polished Chrome $160
EXTRA 3199-xx Other Colour $200



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