Tylo Manuals & Trouble-Shooting


1.   Installation Manuals                                       
Tylo Sense Combi (Pure Control 2.0)
Tylo Sense Combi (Elite WiFi control)

Tylo Sense Plus (Pure 2.0 Control)
Tylo Sense Plus (Elite Control)

Tylo Sense Sport

2.   User Manuals & Video
Manual:  Pure Control 2.0  operation manual (QSG)
Video:    Tylo Sense Combi with Pure 2.0 Control 

Manual:  Elite Control (with Combi) w/ QSG)
Video:    Tylo Sense Combi with Elite Control 

3.   Tylo Trouble-Shooting
Sauna not Hot Enough   Heat Stratification (sauna temperature ranges)

Control Blank:      Control has gone Blank (No Display)

Overheat Tripped:   Tylo-Resetting High Limit 

Error Codes:             Pure Control
Error Codes:             Elite Control

Alternate jacks for control and sensor cables.
(Sometimes heater circuit board jacks fail due mishandling when installed.  There are alternate jacks into which you may connect the control or sensor cable.)

 Combi (Pure control)   Sense Combi with Pure Control - Trouble-Shooting
 Combi (Elite control)   Sense Combi with Elite control - Trouble-Shooting

Plus (Pure control)        Sense Plus with Pure Control - Trouble-Shooting
Plus (Elite control)        Sense Plus with Elite Control - Trouble-Shooting

Combi Maintenance
                                    Combi Steam Reservoir De-Scaling
                                    Cleaning Combi water level probes (error code #4)


      For larger rooms. (10.5,12, & 14.4 kW)
Tylo/Helo Pro with Pure or Elite Control





Pure Control 1.0 (with Combi) (pre 2020)
Video: Tylo Sense Combi with Pure 1.0 Control (pre 2020)

Combi-U (pre-2017)
VIDEO: How to Operate Tylo Combi U (pre-2017)

Deluxe with TS control (pre-2017)
SE with CC control (pre-2017)
Deluxe 11 with TS or CC control (pre-2019)
High Limit Resets (older Tylo Models)

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