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SAUNAFIN specializes in the factory direct sales of Saunas, Material Kits, Pre-Fab Saunas, Electric and Wood Burning Sauna Heaters, Accessories, Infrared Saunas and Steambath Generators. Whether you are planning built-in or want a prefab or portable sauna, we have a package for you. If you are renovating and want to add a steambath generator or steam shower, we have a steam shower model that will suit your needs.

We do not have a website filled with a dozen different “billboard specials” and self congratulatory proclamations. 

Much of the "extras" others claim as bonuses are things we have always included as standard.
Are we the biggest sauna company in North America? No.  Are we one of the biggest? Yes.
We prefer to brag through our quality and customer service.  We have been making and selling saunas for 50 years (Mike Wynn’s father started the company in 1962). 

We were one of the very first sauna companies on the Web.  We were one of the first to publish online prices, offer free freight and move away from "pre-packaged" kits by letting customers select their options, upgrades and bench layout.

Others may follow our lead. Others may "borrow" our ideas.  But nobody can copy our commitment to quality and our determination to ensure our customers are satisfied with the products and service we provide.

WE ARE NOT SIMPLY A "VIRTUAL COMPANY". Saunafin is first and foremost a "brick and mortar" company. We are not an Internet invention or simply an online reseller. We manufacture 80% of the products we sell. We make our own line of heaters. We build our own doors in a variety of styles. And we bring in truckloads of Western Red cedar directly from the west coast. Not only do we manufacture kits and other materials, but we also have over 50 years experience installing literally thousands of home and commercial (condo and health club) saunas. Aside from kits, we have ourselves installed literally thousands of saunas in and around the Toronto area (The "GTA" as it is known, is home to over 5 million people). We have a real factory and public showroom in a big city.  We deal with people one-on-one every day in our office. And it is our goal to make people who visit our website, feel as if they are actually visiting our showroom.  You will find our site very detailed.  We have tried to provide answers to the kinds of questions we hear regularly.

What does this mean for you? It means we have direct installation experience with virtually any shape or size of sauna and have had to deal with any number of obstacles.

If you have a special restriction or concern, we do not have to call some distant supplier to relay your concern, pick their brains and get back to you. We can answer your questions on the spot, based on years of experience installing literally thousands of saunas.

To be blunt, it means there is nothing you have that we have not seen before.

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The benefits of saunas and steambaths are widely reported. From relieving stress and soothing tired muscles to health benefits and improvements related to "induced fever" and detoxification. These benefits can be realized by the use of different types of rooms.

Saunafin offers all three - traditional (hot rock and water), steam (steambath) and infrared. The benefits can be achieved with each. Which type is best suited for you is a personal decision. Your choice may be influenced by particular health concerns; a certain exercise regimen, space restrictions, social aspects or home decor plans.

For example: Traditional provides a more intense environment with extreme temperatures and blasts of hyper-steam from splashing the rocks. For many, this is what a true sauna is all about and it is something they desire and appreciate.

Others find this type of sauna to be too harsh. They may consider a steam shower or the amazing Tylo Combi heater with built in steamer. The steambath/shower approach provides lower overall temperatures (110-120°F. vs. 185-195°F) and higher humidity (70-100% vs. 10-30 %). The higher humidity "softens" the heat. The Tylo Combi is like two rooms in one. You chose between a high heat,low humidity traditional approach, or a"Tylarium" with lower temperatures (around 155°F) and higher humidity (40-50%) for a unique experience.

Infrared offers a modern twist to an age-old experience. Infrared rays are utilized to heat the body. Because the rays are absorbed directly into the body, one can work up a sweat at less intense temperatures than a traditional model (100 - 130°F. vs. 185 - 195°F.)

Whichever you select, we are confident that
after only one or two sessions, you will wonder
how you ever lived without it.


A review of the literature turns up some very significant health claims:

Relieves Pain:

Heat relieves pain in sore and tired joints and muscles. It does this by expanding blood vessels to promote better circulation. Improved circulation carries additional oxygen to injured areas, reducing pain and accelerating the healing process.

Simulates Fever:

Fever is the body's natural mechanism to fight infection and some viruses. It is an important part of the recovery process. By heating the body, you induce an artificial state of fever. Stimulating the infection-fighting benefits of a fever without suffering the discomfort that comes from actually being ill.

Weight Control:

Promote intense perspiration. The body regulates its temperature through sweating, and helps purge excess moisture, salt and fat.

Reduces Stress:

The heat can relax your body and loosen muscles. Stress can affect our overall health so this is an excellent way to relieve stress in a natural way.

Skin Benefits:

Intense perspiration can expel dirt and chemicals to assist in purifying your pores and help remove dead skin cells on the surface. Regular use can result in softer skin and an improved complexion.


During a 15-20 minute session, there is a 50-75% increase in your heart rate. This simulates the metabolic effects of a brisk walk. There is also a slight benefit to blood pressure as blood vessels expand and increase blood flow.


The body purges many toxins via perspiration. Unhealthy elements such as alcohol, heavy metals, and nicotine can build up within the body. Sweating is one of the natural means to purge these impurities.

Which is best for you?

If you are not sure which of our products is best for you, please browse our website to learn more. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions! We would love to help you in all stages of your project, from planning and design to installation. Saunafin will help you create a sauna or steam shower you will enjoy for years to come.


In Canada, Saunafin is well known as Finlandia Sauna & Steam.

Since 1962, Finlandia has been pleased to serve customers in the Toronto area and across Canada. In order to avoid confusion with another firm in the USA with a similar name, we have established the Saunafin division for US sales. We are pledged to supply our American friends the same quality, care and customer service that our Canadian customers have come to expect and appreciate.



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