Differences: Sauna vs. Steam Room

The relaxation debate seems to come down to sauna vs. steam room. We all want a place to unwind after a long day and the sauna vs. steam room conundrum seems to stump many of us. What are the differences between the two? What are the health benefits of each? Can I put both in my house? These are questions we all have, so let’s get to the bottom of this.

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Science Behind Potential Health Benefits of Sauna

The purported health benefits of sauna use are numerous. Although, sweat may seem like something you’d rather do without, it’s actually great for the body.

The health benefits of sauna use extend to our entire bodies

According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, a respected American physician, sitting in a sauna has the same health benefits as mild exercise. By sitting in a sauna for 15 minutes a day, you can improve your circulatory system because the heat dilates the capillaries improving the flow of blood. Besides refining our cardiovascular system, sauna use can help with rheumatoid arthritis, musculoskeletal issues, skin conditions, chronic fatigue and even mild depression. However, the most important health-related benefit of sauna use is that it makes us sweat.

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The Benefits of Using a Sauna in the Winter

Without doubt, winter in Canada can be extreme – freezing weather, greyish sky, and arctic winds to really make things uncomfortable. It’s the perfect weather for getting into a sauna, feeling cozy, and taking advantage of the many health benefits. The benefits of using a sauna in the winter go far beyond coziness and comfort. In fact, the Finns make use of their saunas to address a range of health concerns – from better circulation, to enhanced relaxation and cleansing.

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The Healing Effects of the “Hot Sauna Cold Plunge” Technique

While many people have heard of the “hot sauna cold plunge” technique, the health benefits are not always fully understood. The benefits of a “hot sauna cold plunge” go way back to the Nordic cultures who originated the technique – a 20 minute sauna session, followed by a cold water dip or cool shower. Ideally the hot/cold exposure is repeated until the body is completely relaxed.

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How to do Hot Yoga in a Sauna the Better Way

Doing hot yoga in a sauna can be a very relaxing experience. Beyond the many health benefits, it allows the mind and body to comfortably align. Sometimes referred to as sauna yoga, it’s based on the simple poses associated with traditional yoga. It’s ideal to strengthen the body, stretch out the muscles, and enjoy an atmosphere of peace and quiet. However, it’s important to do hot yoga in a sauna correctly – and it’s equally important to be careful in terms of the health risks.

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A Sauna May Add Value to Your Home

Many homeowners wonder if a home sauna actually adds value to the home or property. Clearly, there is a touch of luxury to a home with a built in-sauna, and some added leisure to the living environment. All things considered, a sauna can add value to your home. Understandably, the added value of a home sauna will be defined in different ways.

In general, residential real estate prices are most influenced by supply and demand market forces. This is especially true for residential homes in North America. A sauna adds value to your home in the same way that a renovated kitchen or renovated bathroom enhances value. Today, a home sauna can be a very attractive “extra” when selling a property.

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Thinking About a Sauna Kit in Toronto? See What’s Included

If you’re thinking about building a personal sauna kit in Toronto, the experts at Saunafin can provide everything you’ll need – the building materials, the mechanical components, and even the accessories. With many years of industry experience, Saunafin can advise on the right type of sauna kit to purchase, and the best way to proceed with planning and building the structure.

Homeowners shopping for a sauna kit in Toronto can rely on Saunafin for a sauna inventory that is hard to match. Saunafin carries everything from pre-fabricated kits; material kits; steam generators; and even infrared saunas. Best of all, everything is under one roof with Saunafin.

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