If You’re Looking for a Sauna in Toronto – Look No Further

In Toronto, Saunafin specializes in factory-direct sales of pre-fabricated saunas, sauna material kits, infrared saunas, and steam bath generators. The truth is, if you’re looking for a sauna in Toronto, there’s no need to look any further. We have a package for you, whether you’re planning a built-in sauna, a prefabricated sauna, or a portable sauna. And when it comes to steam bath generators or steam showers, we have a model that will suit practically every need.

At Saunafin, we’ve been making and selling saunas for over five decades. As one of the biggest sauna companies around, we have proven ourselves with our quality products and our solid commitment to customer service. We stand behind everything we sell – we publish our prices online – we offer free freight – and we let customers choose their own options, upgrades, and layouts. For those looking to buy a sauna in Toronto, Saunafin can find the perfect fit.

Our company manufactures 80% of the products that we sell. We build our own doors. We make our own heaters. And we use truckloads of Western Red Cedar. Beyond selling sauna kits, we also install saunas in homes, condos, and health clubs. For customers in Toronto, and around the GTA, our public showroom displays our many products, and our knowledgeable staff can answer all types of questions. Simply put, before buying a sauna in Toronto see the team at Saunafin.

Different types of saunas

The health benefits of saunas and steam baths have been widely reported for many years now. You can relieve stress, soothe tired muscles, and even detoxify your system. At Saunafin, we offer three different types of saunas:  traditional hot rock, steam bath, and infrared sauna. In the end, it’s a personal decision when purchasing a sauna in Toronto. And that decision may be influenced by various priorities – everything from personal health, to physical space, to home décor.

Traditional Modular Saunas

With “clear” Western Red Cedar on the inside, these saunas are made of pre-finished panels. The insulation and vapour barrier are installed inside the pre-finished panel. The exterior of the sauna comes with mahogany paneling. Exterior walls may be left as paneling, can be painted or finished to suit the surrounding décor.

Steam Baths or Steam Showers

Steam showers can benefit a host of health issues. With this installation, the steam generator can be placed in practically any location. There is very little (if any) maintenance required on a regular basis, and Saunafin provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the parts and labour. Steam Showers are very energy efficient.

Infrared Saunas and Emitters

Saunafin sells high quality infrared saunas and infrared emitters. We offer two types of elements:  carbon and ceramic. Carbon emitters cover a large surface area and provide even heating. Ceramic emitters offer flexibility in placement (good for DIY installers). The choice of emitter depends on the type of sauna.

For homeowners shopping for a sauna in Toronto, Saunafin has a wide range of saunas, kits, and accessories. Find out more by contacting Saunafin at 1-800-387-7029, filling out our request form or visiting the company’s website at http://www.saunafin.com .

There are some definite advantages to installing sauna kits

In recent years, sauna kits have become quite popular – mainly because of the ease of installation and the cost affordability. Sometimes referred to as pre-fab sauna kits, or DIY sauna kits, these types of assemblies have definite benefits for homeowners who choose this approach.

At Saunafin, the Sauna Material Kit comes with all of the special components required to properly build a personal sauna. These sauna kits come with very specific cedar lengths, and also include such items as cedar moldings and door casings, which are not always readily available.

sauna kit red cedar


Sauna material kits are easy to customize. They are easy to incorporate into whatever space is made available. These sauna kits can also be customized to match the adjacent décor – for instance, the exterior can be finished in drywall or painted to match certain colours or finishes.

Easy to Install

The Sauna Material Kit from Saunafin is generally simpler than most DIY projects. It is designed for the DIY enthusiast who has basic DIY skills. Bench framing and moldings are all pre-cut (even galvanized nails are included). As well, the instruction booklet and drawings are easy to follow.

Red Cedar

For wood, Western Red Cedar is the most popular, attractive, and durable. It has that pleasant fragrance associated with saunas. Red Cedar has the capacity to expand and contract. This is especially important because the wood is exposed to high temperatures and high humidity.

High Quality

Saunafin material kits use top-grade, kiln-dried, clear, Western Red Cedar (tongue and groove). The cedar is strong and durable, and finished on two sides. The most popular material kits make use of 2 x 4 cedars for the benches and bench framing (unlike competitors who use 1 x 4).

Building the Sauna

Building and installation time is going to vary with sauna size and layout. In general, sauna kits can be fully installed in as little as 16 hours. With Saunafin, the specified cedar lengths, pre-cut moldings, and pre-hung door will save an average of 8 hours on the installation time.

The “sauna kit” actually refers to the inside of the sauna. That means that the homeowner (or contractor) must build and install the frame walls, insulate the interior, and finish the exterior of the sauna. As well, it’s necessary to assemble and install the benches, and hang the door.

The Sauna Material Kit comes complete

Sauna Lining – tongue and groove Western Red Cedar (finished both sides)

Vapour Barrier – kraft backed foil vapour barrier (keeps the insulation dry)

Benches – available in either 1 x 4 (standard) or 2 x 4 (upgrade) clear cedar

Pre Hung Door – 2 x 4 cedar frame comes with 16″ x 64″ tempered window

Sauna Craft Heater – the CWS model can be a wall or corner mounted heater

Sauna Craft Control – with a thermostat and 60 minute timer (outside sauna)

Accessories – some accessories come standard – some considered as upgrade

Contact SAUNAFIN directly for factory direct sales of built-in units, prefab kits, and portable saunas. Call 1-800-387-7029 or visit the company website at http://www.saunafin.com .

Home Saunas: the Latest Trend in Home Improvement

In recent years, more and more North Americans have been installing saunas in their basements, backyards, and even in their closets. Whatever the sauna type, and whatever the specific purpose, there are certainly many practical benefits to having a home sauna. Retail prices have moderated significantly over the years, installations have become far simpler, and many sauna “kits” allow the do-it-yourself enthusiast to install and enjoy, while maintaining a specific project budget.

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