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Get to Know Us

What's in a NAME?

In Canada, Saunafin is well known as Finlandia Sauna & Steam. Since 1962, Finlandia has been pleased to serve customers in the Toronto area and across Canada. In order to avoid confusion with another firm in the USA with a similar name, we have established the Saunafin division for US sales. We are pledged to supply our American friends the same quality, care and customer service that our Canadian customers have come to expect and appreciate.

Saunafin is first and foremost a "brick and mortar" company. We are not an Internet invention or an on-line reseller. We manufacture 80% of the products we sell. We manufacture our own line of heaters and controls. We build our own doors. Our cedar comes directly from the West coast and is dried and custom milled to our specifications. Not only do we manufacture sauna kits, but we have also installed literally thousands of saunas in the Greater Toronto Area. Along with our many satisfied residential customers, leading builders and developers have used Saunafin extensively. Our saunas can be found in the Toronto Blue Jays clubhouse, Ottawa Senators locker room, Skydome Health Club, Casino Windsor, and the M Casino Resort and Palazzo Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. We are a specified supplier to the YMCA and Extreme Fitness. (See Installation List)

We Welcome all your Phone Calls

We are pleased to offer you information and pricing via our website or e-mail. But we would be very happy to talk to you personally. Please call with any questions. Or call for our full color catalog. (Contact Info)

Complete Full Color Catalog

Downloading pages from the web is certainly a handy way to collect information. Sometimes though, jumping from page to page does not give you the clearest picture. In our opinion, there is nothing like having a catalog in your hands that is complete, comprehensive and organized for you. Our catalog includes full color pictures, pricing, heater specifications, sauna rough-in information and more. We recognize that while you are interested in saunas or steam baths, you may not be ready to purchase one tomorrow. We want you to have our catalog in your file, so when the time comes, you will be sure to consider us.

Please contact us to receive your free catalog.

Click here to download our sauna brochure.


New for 2017, Saunafin is offering benches in 1 x 4 or 2 x 4 "CLEAR" for tops. Most others use 1x 4 for bench tops. Saunafin has traditionally provided only 2x 4 bench tops. But starting in January 2017, we will make 1 x 4 standard in the "LK PRIME" Kit and give you the option to upgrade to 2 x 4. Standard two tier on longest wall. Only clear cedar is used for benches.

Our Tongue and Groove Cedar

OUR STANDARD CEDAR SAUNA KITS USE ONLY FULL LENGTHS. 1 x 4 tongue & groove, "CLEAR" grade "A" & better Western red cedar. Our lining material is finished on both sides, assuring a better overall finish. All cedar is kiln-dried to 10 - 12%.

Apples are Apples and a Kilowatt is a Kilowatt

In our review of the literature, we have seen some claims regarding heater outputs that we find irresponsible. The general rule of thumb when sizing a heater is 1 Kilowatt (kW) for every 50 cubic feet. Do not be swayed by those who claim their heater is so efficient that the 4 kW is the equivalent of someone else's 6 kW. Given enough time, the smallest heater can heat a large room. Our goal is to heat the sauna to temperature within 20-30 minutes, not 2-3 hours.


We are in business, so we obviously want your money.  But we do not want it at the cost of our commitment to customer service.  We will make suggestions to improve your sauna and we will tell you what will and will not work.  We will even tell you not to waste your money; if we think what you are planning is not feasible.


Truth in Advertising

We frequently get asked questions that are "inspired" by claims or statements on other sauna websites.  While not wishing to bad mouth anyone or "name names", we have decided to address some of these points:

  1. Claim: 11/16" Cedar Thickness:

    Clear cedar generally comes in thickness from 5/16" up to 5/8".  Many in the sauna business use ½" cedar. 5/16" should not be used.  The tongue is generally too small to be nailed, so it is often face nailed - a sauna "no-no". At Saunafin, our cedar is slightly over ½".

    11/16" cedar is the standard for "STK" (Standard Tight Knot).  This is knotty cedar.  Knotty cedar mills will set aside clear boards and sell them.  These are called "clear cedar pull-outs" and sell for less.

  2. Is Material Pre-sanded?

    At Saunafin, our cedar is milled using state of-the-art CNC equipment to a "furniture grade" finish.

    It is not sanded. There is no need.  The cedar is beautifully finished and needs no further processing.

    Clear cedar is dried first and then milled to assure the finest finish.

    On the other hand, Knotty cedar is milled first, then sold "green" (not dried) or dried later.  The drying process will raise the grain a little make the wood feel a little "furry".  For this reason, STK and clear cedar pullouts require sanding.

    So, if someone offers you pre-sanded cedar as an option upgrade, you are actually paying a surcharge for a less expensive product.

  3. Why doesn’t Saunafin use clear cedar pullouts?

    There are a few reason we do not use pull-outs.

    We find that knotty has a wider color variation and is whiter in color. The clear cedar pull-outs share these characteristics.

    We go through a lot of cedar and we like our product to be consistent.  Clear pull-outs are an accumulation product.  With our volume, it would not be possible to get a consistent supply of cedar to the standards we demand.

  4. White Cedar vs. Red Cedar

    This is one of those cases where "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".  Those that sell Eastern White Cedar are basically riding the coattails of Western Red Cedar.  They are relying on people’s familiarity with the high quality of "our" cedar to sell "their" cedar.

    Everyone is familiar with the expression "comparing apples and oranges".  In this case it might be more accurate to say we are comparing a "Red Delicious" with a "Crabapple".  Both are apples, but they are very different.

    Western Red cedar grows in a rainforest climate. Species that have adapted to deal with excessive moisture environments, last longer in dry climates.  And a sauna is as dry as it gets.

    White Cedar also contains much less of the natural acidic tannins that help to preserve western red cedar and make it rot resistant even when it gets wet. White cedar will not last quite as long as western red cedar. Western Red Cedar is a wonderful species, with a very straight grain. The wood is light weight  and has little shrinkage.

  5. Sauna Control

    a) Control Box:

    Heaters are either supplied with built-in controls or outside, wall-mounted controls.  For outside controls, some are in their own pre-finished box. Others come with a faceplate and are designed to fit in to a 3-gang box.  Our Sauna Craft controls come this way.  However, they are a tight fit in a standard 3-gang box.  That is why an MBD-3 is specified.  It is a masonry box and is a little bigger inside.  Some who sell this type of control do NOT include the MBD-3.  They will tell you that your electrician can easily supply this.  That is simply untrue. An MBD-3 is not a standard part.  Even most electrical wholesalers do not stock them. 

    Unlike standard boxes which sell for a few dollars, the MBD-3 is pricey, selling for $16.00 to $20.00. Saunafin includes the MBD-3. It would be very tempting not to do so, but that is not how we treat our customers.

    b) Built In Controls:

    Saunafin offers outside controls (Sauna Craft & Tylo) and built in Controls (Tylo). Sauna Craft does not offer a built in control.  There is a heater on the market- similar in design to Sauna Craft- which offers a built in control that is basically the outside control mounted on the heater.  There are two issues with this: 

    I.) The faceplate is plastic. Plastic should not be attached to a sauna heater. 

    II.) Secondly, the thermostat sensor bulb is not designed for a built in application.  You are required to pull the capillary out of the heater and run it up to the ceiling. Because the heater is installed last, this capillary tube & sensor is often left exposed inside the sauna.  Our Tylo models and all other properly designed built in control heaters have the capillary and sensor pre-installed on the heater.   The control and sensor are specifically designed to be placed on the heater and the temperature detected is correlated to the sauna room temperature.

  6. Electrical Approval

    Be alert when someone claims there product “meets the latest UL, CE and CSA electric standards”. Products are either approved or not.  If approved they will have a file number and can be verified on the website of the applicable agency. 







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