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SAUNA HEATERS: A large selection of Sauna Craft and Tylo brand Heaters in a wide variety of models and sizes.

SAUNA DOORS: Doors are all PRE-HUNG ON THE JAMB with TEMPERED SAFETY GLASS for windows. Prime Sauna Kits include a Single Pane Glass (16" x 64") while our Plus Kits include a THERMOPANE INSULATED GLASS.

SAUNA BENCHES: Benches available in your choice of 1X 4 OR 2X4 CLEAR CEDAR.

FLEXIBILITY: Focused on providing a comprehensive, high quality base package and letting you tweak and CUSTOMIZE TO BEST FIT YOUR NEEDS.


saunas with "L" benchLining: 1 x 4 tongue & groove (t&g), "CLEAR" grade Western red cedar. Our lining material is finished on both sides, assuring a better overall finish.

LK PRIME: Cedar lining is thicker than average 9/16", finished on two sides for best overall finish

LK PLUS: Cedar Lining is 11/16". Thickest t&g cedar A little more "meat on the bone" for our premium kit.

See picture of clear cedar.

Vapour Barrier: Kraft backed foil vapour barrier. Keeps insulation dry and adds insulation value because of heat reflective qualities.

Benches: New for 2017, Saunafin is offering benches in 1 x 4 or 2 x 4 "CLEAR" for tops. Most others use 1x 4 for bench tops. Saunafin has traditionally provided only 2x 4 bench tops. But starting in January 2017, we will make 1 x 4 standard in the "LK PRIME" Kit and give you the option to upgrade to 2 x 4. Standard two tier on longest wall. Only clear cedar is used for benches.

Optional - Top tier "L" bench, two tier "L" bench 

Door: Standard Door is 2x4 cedar frame with 16" x 64" tempered window. "LK PRIME" comes with single pane glass. "LK PLUS" offers thermopane.

All doors pre-hung on jamb. Standard Door measures 24" x 74". Rough stud opening is 26" x 76-1/2"

Optional - Obscure, Bronze or Solid Cedar with Small Window. See picture of doors


LK PRIME: Sauna Craft CWS model wall or corner mounted heater with 304 stainless steel shell and black high heat frame.

LK PLUS: Sauna Craft CW-XR model wall or corner mounted heater with 100% stainless steel shell, frame, and lifetime residential warranty.


Sauna Craft CWM model (100% stainless steel) or CW-XR deluxe model (100% stainless steel, deep rock tray, lifetime residential warranty).

Tylo - Sense Sport, Sense Combi, Sense Pure.

See heaters.


LK PRIME: Sauna Craft TPT3 control complete with thermostat and 60 minute timer, mounted outside the sauna.

LK PLUS: Sauna Craft EL-13 Electronic control Optional - Sauna Craft: CTT models with built in mechanical Control. EL-13 Electronic control, mounted outside the sauna. Tylo: Pure Control. Modern sleek appearance


Sauna Craft: CTT models with built in mechanical Control. EL-13 Electronic control, mounted outside the sauna.

Tylo: Pure Control. Modern sleek appearance

See controls.

Light Fixture: Vapour proof marine light fixture.

Heater Guard: 2 x 2 vertical posts with 1 x 3 rails.

Trim: Corner molding for walls and ceiling. Casing for door.

Fasteners: Galvanized finishing nails for tongue and groove, treated "Deck-King" screws for benches.

Floor: Optional Duckboard slatted floor. 1 x 4 clear cedar over 1 x 4 cedar sleepers.

Accessories: Optional e.g. headrest, towel rack, light shade, timer, hygrometer, scented essence, etc. (Some accessories standard in the "LK-PLUS" Sauna Kit)
See accessories


Framing: 2" x 4" spruce studs.

Insulation: R-12 fiberglass insulation.

Exterior: i.e. drywall, paneling etc.




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