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Pre-Fab Saunas

Modular Pre-Fab
Log Style (Cabin) Pre-Fab

More About Pre Fab Saunas

Modular Pre-Fab
Modular saunas have CLEAR Western Red Cedar on the inside. Constructed of pre-finished panels. The panels sit on a base track and are screwed together from the top. Insulation and foil barrier installed inside pre-finished panel. Conduit is pre-installed inside panels for you to run electrical wires. Custom larger sizes and design features such as cut corner are available.

The exterior comes standard with Mahogany paneling. You may add cedar as an option to as many outside walls as you like. This design offers maximum flexibility. You may opt to have all exterior walls finished in cedar or you may select to leave the exterior in paneling. This means walls that are hidden from view need not be lined with cedar. It also means you may leave any or all exterior walls as paneling and paint or otherwise finish then to suit your taste or to match other room finishes.

Cabin (Log Style) Pre-Fab
Constructed of 2x6 tongue and groove "CLEAR" or "KNOTTY" cedar "logs" with notch corners and threaded rod system for secure assembly. With the Cabin Pre-Fab the inside and outside have the same beautiful cedar appearance. Simple log style assembly on threaded rods.  Cedar trim for exterior corners for an attractive finish.

The Truth, the "whole truth", and nothing but.............
There is one pre-fab sauna on the market that is misleading in its description.  You are  asked you to compare the weight of the pre-fab sauna as evidence of its quality.  This particular sauna refers to quality of its "solid" "real wood" vs. the veneer of others. Since we fall in to the "others" category, we feel justified in commenting.

We offer two types of prefab saunas. One manufactured wholly in the United States. The other made completely in Canada. The Cabin Sauna is constructed of 2x6 cedar.  The Modular Sauna is constructed of a 2x2 spf frame with a cedar lining (1/2" min) on the inside and a cedar or mahogany panel exterior. The  Modular is hardly a light-weight, generally coming in a close to 1,000 lbs or more.  The Cabin Sauna is made completely of  cedar. Cedar is a lighter weight lumber, making the sauna lighter but it also a stable, solid log ideal for sauna use. We use only solid Canadian Western Red cedar for our clear cedar saunas.

What are you not being told about the other sauna? You are not being told that the sauna is made overseas.  You are not being told that the "solid wood" is actually bits and pieces or wood fused (glued) together with a thin 1/16" cedar skin. It is "heavy" for the same reason particle board is heavy - glue and scrap pressed together. It is neither "solid" wood nor "real wood" any more than processed cheese is a block old cheddar. 

We are not saying that it is not a quality sauna. We do not sell them and we don't know.  What we are saying is that it is a deliberate misrepresentation. We are always forthright and direct with our customers. If a customer points out something that we missed or creates ambiguity, we clarify it ensure no one is misled. We do not want to "trick" you into buying a sauna from us.  You are entitled to make an informed decision.

What is the difference between a
Pre-Fab Sauna and a Sauna Material Kit?

(Also commonly referred to as Pre Built Saunas or Modular Saunas)

  • Pre-Fab saunas are (as the name suggests) pre-fabricated.
  • They can be assembled in 2-3 hours.
  • With Pre-Fab saunas there is no additional framing or insulation. The walls are self-supporting.
  • Everything is designed for quick assembly without specialized tools.
  • Saunas can be dismantled.

(Also commonly referred to as Sauna Material Kits, Sauna Liner Kits, Do-It-Yourself Sauna Interior Material kits)

  • A Sauna Kit refers to the inside "skin" of the sauna.
  • You or your contractor build the frame walls, insulate and finish the exterior.
  • The kit we supply includes the inside materials; including the vapor barrier, cedar lining, benches, door, molding, heater, etc.
  • You will trim the boards and nail them to the walls & ceiling.
  • You will assemble and install the benches, hang the door, etc.
Modular Pre-Fab
Log Style (Cabin) Pre-Fab



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