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Wood Burning Sauna Heaters

wood sauna heater
tylo wood burning sauna heater
Mikka Tylo



Mikka Wood Burning Sauna Heaters

Features for all Mikka Saunas

  • Made in Canada

  • Heavy gauge steel plate construction

  • Large rock capacity

  • Deep (20”) fire chamber

  • Heavy duty cast iron grate

  • Fabricated using laser cutting & CNC tooling for a professional finish

  • Ash tray for easy ash removal

  • Burns hot leaving little ash

  • Ash drawer adjustable to control draft (and temperature)

  • 6” round flue outlet. Easily fits standard 6” stove pipe 

  • All models can be installed flush to non-combustible wall for outside feeding

  • Effective water heating on models with water tank


wood sauna heater
Without Water Tank

wood sauna heater
With Water Tank

Wood Heater Installation Details

For outside feed, Mikka sauna is placed tight to brick opening. Opening should be approx. 14" wide by 19" high.

This is preferred to a "long neck" wood burner where you are expected to brick around the neck. 

  1. It is much easier to prepare the opening in advance.  You do not have to set the stove in place and build around it.

  2. Brick is easier to access and repair should the need arise.

  3. Mikka provides a better “seal” between heater and outside.  The long neck and collar make it difficult to brick up tight, so you tend to get more gaps.

  4. It is easier and safer to load the Mikka stove.  The wider brick open provides good access. And the fire box is closer to you so you do not have to reach inside to load firewood.

Note:  Instead of brick, some use metal stud & cement board for a
non-combustible surface.



Tylo Wood Burning Sauna Heaters

Tylo Wood Burning Heater

Usually used for inside feed.

Tylo’s wood-fired sauna stoves have a unique heat- retaining design. The high quality is immediately evident from the weight and the thickness of the steel that make our wood-fired heaters second to none. The rear wall of the fire box is protected by a hot-air deflector for more efficient combustion and reduced wood consumption. All models (except Basic 16) are CE listed.

All Tylo wood-fired sauna stoves have an ash hatch, grate shuttle and rear/top flue connection options.

Superb water vaporization.
Large, deep stone compartments make these heaters a firm favorite among bathers who revel in the sizzling hot sensation of water sprinkled over heated sauna stones.

Simple to use.
Normally, stoking the fire just once is enough to heat the air from 20°C (68°F) to the desired bathing temperature. Even when the fire has died down, water sprinkled on the sauna stones will still quickly evaporate thanks to the patented Coanda effect. (PK, SL models).

Glass adds the finishing touch.
Includes a hatch of Ceram special-grade glass, which can withstand temperatures of up to 800°C. The fire casts a warm glow through the glass, creating a wonderfully cozy atmosphere in the sauna.

Wood Heater Installation Details

tylo wood burning sauna heater TL-16

16CK Basic


tylo wood burning sauna heater TL-20






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