Compare Knotty Cedar vs Clear Cedar Saunas in Toronto

Posted in Home saunas, on February 20, 2023

The wood used in the construction and design of your sauna can significantly impact the look, feel, and functionality. Cedar wood is a favoured choice for sauna lovers owing to its natural decay resistance and pleasing aroma. That’s why our cedar saunas at SaunaFin are made with the stunning Canadian Western Red Cedar. While we are renowned for our beautiful knot-free clear cedar saunas, there are unique benefits to the knotty cedar barrel saunas too. Here’s a closer look at both types of cedar saunas to help you make an informed decision.  

Understanding Knots and Home Saunas

outdoor cedar sauna TorontoWood knots are circular patterns or imperfections in the wood. These are the areas where the original branches of the tree once grew. Though the knots are tough, the area around them can be structurally weak. Loose or encased knots can fall out on drying. Intergrown knots or Tight knots used in Architect or Custom knotty cedar are sturdier. A wood with more knots is perceived to be lower in quality.

Clear Cedar Saunas

Clear (select) cedar is a premium choice for saunas worldwide. The red Wester cedar is loved for its versatility, beautiful texture and sublime fragrance across the US and Canada.

  • Clear cedar has long, straight grains and is virtually knot-free. Its magnificent surface has few knots and imperfections.
  • The straight-grained clear cedar is also exceptionally weather-resistant, making it an ideal choice for outdoor barrel saunas in New York, Toronto, and throughout North America.
  • Designed for a polished and modern look, clear cedar saunas are a designer favourite for contemporary minimalistic saunas with clean lines.
  • Clear cedar is a luxurious, premium wood and is a tad pricier than knotty cedar.

At SaunaFin, you can order from a variety of luxury sauna kits and home saunas in Toronto and elsewhere in North America. Whether you're searching for a home sauna in New York, San Franciso, Boston, or Montreal, choose SaunaFin for high-quality and customizable options. 

Knotty Cedar Saunas

Knotty cedar derives its name from the wood’s natural knots and other imperfections. 

  • The natural knots or flaws in knotty cedar can add charm and a distinct character to a sauna. 
  • The rustic appearance and organic feel of knotty cedar carry a certain appeal. It’s a growing choice for people looking for a traditional, outdoorsy feel for their sauna.  
  • Knotty cedar is a popular, cost-effective choice with a lower price than clear (select) cedar. 
  • The gradient knots in knotty cedar offer a  range of looks. The architect and custom knotty cedar are perfect for adding a rustic charm or urbane elegance.

The Cedar Sauna Advantage

To conclude, both knotty and clear cedar provide unique benefits. Ultimately, the wood choice depends on your personal preferences and sauna style. Regardless of the wood type, all cedar saunas carry some distinct advantages:

  • Cedar is naturally resistant to decay, moisture, and insects, making it a durable and long-lasting choice. 
  • Cedar is a good insulator, helping to lock the heat inside your sauna for therapeutic benefits.

The natural essential oils in cedar wood release a pleasing aroma that many find soothing and relaxing. This inviting cedar aroma is a lush sensory experience for many sauna lovers.  

Cedar Saunas from SaunaFin

If you’re considering a cedar sauna, choose SaunaFin for its stunning array of clear and knotty cedar saunas. Experience the ultimate relaxation and wellness with SaunaFin’s exquisite cedar saunas. From knotty red western & eastern cedar barrel saunas and Luna Saunas to Indoor clear cedar cabins and Pure Vision clear and knotty saunas, you’re spoilt for choice at SaunaFin! Transform any space into a serene wellness oasis with our expert guidance and top-notch craftsmanship. Choose luxury cedar saunas in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and the entire US and Canada.

Call now to start your cedar sauna journey today! 

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