Luxury Saunas & Steam Showers in Los Angeles

Home saunas in Los Angeles can make all the difference, offering exceptional benefits like steam therapy and tension release.

With daily responsibilities that cause stress and burnout, a place to escape to is craved by many. Now, you can have your own safe haven with infrared saunas in Los Angeles. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor barrel saunas, each sauna has various customization options to get the most out of your experience.

Choosing to take time for yourself is a self-care necessity. Put yourself first by embarking on your blissful sauna journey. Home saunas in Los Angeles offer benefits like increased metabolism, improved cardiovascular function, stress management, better sleep, improved immune function, skin rejuvenation, antiaging, and so much more.

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About SaunaFin

SaunaFin is the leading sauna and steam bath manufacturer in North America with over 60 years of experience. With expert manufacturers and high-quality materials, our saunas are superior to our competitors. We pride ourselves on offering our customers state-of-the-art materials and service, so they achieve notable benefits. As a second-generation family business, we love bringing people together. With our barrel saunas, perfect for cottages or backyards, you can invite friends and family to share the sauna experience with you.

Various Sauna and Steam Bath Customizations

When choosing a sauna, we understand the value of having many options and customizations. Your hard-earned money deserves to be appreciated, which is why we offer various affordable personalizations for your sauna or steam bath. Choose from indoor or outdoor traditional saunas to infrared saunas in Los Angeles.

Regardless of your decision, we’re sure you’ll love your new home sauna. 

  • Lighting: Any sauna can be customized to fit your home and your desires. Choose from various wooden light shades with shape and color options. Even LED lighting can be added to your sauna for beautiful illumination. Choose the color you want depending on how you feel with customizable saunas from SaunaFin.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Listen to music while you sauna for the ultimate experience. Sit back and relax or get yourself started for the day with any type of music playing in your home sauna. The customization possibilities are endless when it comes to SaunaFin.
  • Doors: We offer several door options like cedar framed full-length clear glass, solid cedar with a window, cedar framed obscure full-length glass, cedar framed full-length solar cool bronze glass, cedar framed full-length designer glass, and cedar framed full-length designer reverse glass. Or choose from frameless - clear or bronze doors with customizable handles. We also have wheelchair-accessible doors, so all our customers are able to enjoy our saunas. 
  • Thermometers, Hygrometers & Sandtimers: We want our customers to be able to choose every part of their sauna, even how they view their temperature. Choose from a rounded wood thermostat, a pine aspen sand timer, a box thermometer, and a wood backing or a glass cover hygrometer. 

Why Choose Us

Choose a trustworthy company that you can rely on with SaunaFin. With the highest-quality materials and manufacturers, our saunas are made to last. 

It’s never too late to start your sauna journey with SaunaFin.


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