Top-Quality Saunas & Steam Generators in Denver

Have you been dreaming about purchasing a sauna but are still determining what size, style, or customizations you need to have the best experience? 

At SaunaFin, we have years of experience in all things sauna and can help you choose one that’s catered to your preferences and budget. We assist with selecting the proper size, style, and customizations for your home or business. 

With various home saunas and steam baths, it can take time to decipher which is best for you. Between sauna kits to outdoor barrel saunas, SaunaFin has the most high-quality products on the market, so our customers can enjoy the best sauna experience. 


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About SaunaFin

As the leading sauna and steam generator manufacturer and supplier in North America, SaunaFin is highly knowledgeable and passionate about providing a great experience. Our team of professionals has over six decades of experience with homeowners and business owners looking to purchase home saunas or steam baths. We pride ourselves on our materials’ quality, competitive pricing, and commitment to outstanding customer service. 

Various Sauna & Steam Generators Options

Whether you’re looking to add a pre-fab sauna into new renovations or want a barrel sauna for your cottage, SaunaFin has endless options. Between the size, type of material, personalizations, and more, you’ll be able to customize your own sauna or steam generator based on your desires.

  • Outdoor Saunas: Are you an outdoor enthusiast? If so, outdoor saunas are perfect for you. From beautiful views to a personal retreat, the possibilities for outdoor saunas are endless, with Barrel, Panoramic Barrel, Outdoor Cabin, POD, and Luna saunas available. 
  • Sauna Kits: At SaunaFin, our sauna kits are made of Clear Canadian Western Red Cedar or Clear Canadian Hemlock, depending on your preferences. We design and can customize your sauna into any size or shape to meet your needs. Sauna kits are an affordable and efficient option when it comes to building your own sauna.
  • Pre-Fab Saunas: With pre-fab saunas from SaunaFin, you can choose the Indoor Pure Vision in Clear or Knotty Cedar or the Indoor Cabin in Clear Cedar. Pre-fab saunas are great for those wanting to install a sauna into your home’s finishings or new renovations. 
  • Steam Generators: If you prefer a smaller and easy-to-install option, steam generators are your best choice. SaunaFin offers two steam generators, the ES Easy Steam and the Steamist SMP Series, that can quickly be installed into any existing shower. Simply install and enjoy the bliss of steam therapy and various customizations, including AudioSense, ChromaSense, AromaSense, and ShowerSense.

Why Choose SaunaFin in Denver

When searching for the perfect sauna or steam generator, you’ll want the company you’re purchasing from to be well-informed about the products, materials, and additional features. At SaunaFin, our experts have all the answers to your questions. 

With years of experience helping customers find their perfect spa, you can feel confident that we’ll help you find your ideal home sauna or steam bath.

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