High-Quality Saunas & Steam Baths in Seattle

Having your own sauna in Seattle that’s personalized to your needs is something to truly appreciate. With tranquil and calming benefits, there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with your sauna or steam bath. With steam therapy, you can benefit from improved sleep, increased metabolism, skin rejuvenation, enhanced mental and physical well-being, less tension and stress, and much more. 

Streamline relaxation in the comfort of your own home with excellent and high-quality saunas from SaunaFin.


About SaunaFin

As the leading supplier of saunas in North America, our team is highly knowledgeable in all things sauna related, including the manufacturing and installation process. With over 6 decades of experience, we know that premium quality materials and products are crucial to your sauna or steam bath performance. At SaunaFin, we’re confident in our abilities to help you choose the best sauna that’s catered to your needs. 

Start enjoying your sauna in Seattle today!

Various Sauna & Steam Bath Options

At SaunaFin, we provide a variety of sauna and steam bath options, so everyone has the opportunity to customize their experience. We offer indoor and outdoor saunas and superior steam generators that can be installed into any existing shower. From different types of wood to door frames, the possibilities are endless when you shop at SaunaFin.

Pre-Fab Saunas: Pre-fab saunas are perfect for those who aren’t planning a major renovation but still want to enjoy the perks of an in-home sauna. Pre-fab saunas are portable and easy to install. Within hours, your beautiful Indoor Cabin-Clear Cedar or Indoor Pure Vision-Clear Cedar can be installed only with a few at-home tools. 

Outdoor Saunas: SaunaFin offers numerous outdoor saunas, including panoramic barrel saunas, luna cedar saunas, POD saunas, and cabin saunas. With SaunaFin, you can choose your preferences from start to finish with the type of stain, color, size, and shape. In addition, our outdoor saunas are durable and made to handle harsh weather conditions for years to come. 

Steam Generator: At SaunaFin, we offer two types of steam generators that can quickly be incorporated into any existing shower. If you’re interested in essential steam therapy with no bells or whistles, the ES Easy Steam generator is best suited for you. Meanwhile, if you want customizations like wifi, led lighting, and aroma infusion, the Steamist SMP Series is the way to go.

Sauna Kits: Are you renovating your home and want to integrate your new sauna into your finishings? If this sounds like you, purchasing a sauna kit is the perfect solution. The team at SaunaFin offers a wide selection of benches, towel racks, thermostats, and other accessories based on your personal preferences.

Top-Tier Saunas & Steam Baths in Seattle

When purchasing a sauna, you’ll want to find a trustworthy business with years of experience in the industry. As the leading North American supplier offering the safest and most reliable saunas and steam baths, you can count on us to provide you with the best sauna experience you could ever dream of. 

Sit back and relax in pure relaxation with luxurious saunas and steam generators from SaunaFin.


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