Factors to Consider When Buying a Sauna

Posted in Home saunas, on January 26, 2023

The idea of a home sauna is inviting to many residential property owners looking to enhance their experience at home or incorporate something new into vacation properties. Whether you are a gym-goer, a busy executive or a stay-at-home mom, premium Dundalk LeisureCraft Saunas can be incredibly beneficial. As you search for your perfect home sauna, you may realize there is a lot to consider, from wood-burning stoves to floating benches. To get started on the right foot, read our blog on factors you should consider when you explore Dundalk LeisureCraft saunas. Reach out to our team of experts at SaunaFin to learn more about owning your own rustic and charming wood-burning stove. 

Indoor or Outdoor Sauna?

Dundalk LeisureCraft saunaThe benefits of owning an indoor sauna differ from outdoor sauna ownership. Which is the right fit for you? One is not better than the other; they are just different experiences. If you have the space for it on your property, an outdoor sauna will make a great addition to your home. Saunas have a fresh and clean wooden exterior that adds a unique aesthetic to any home. You may prefer an indoor sauna because you need more space or would like your sauna in the bedroom, bathroom, or basement. It is entirely a personal preference and how you would like to use your home sauna. 

Best Shape for a Sauna

SaunaFin offers a range of shapes, sizes, and styles to ensure you find your perfect sauna. Typically, saunas come in a rectangular or square shape with a classic cabin-like body. Another sauna that is increasing in popularity is the barrel sauna and the POD-shaped/teardrop sauna. The curved walls help distribute heat more evenly. The barrel sauna makes the sauna great for withstanding the elements in Canada. This sauna shape is also popular with people who are expecting frequent guests. Consider how much room you would like or how many people will use the sauna when deciding on a shape.

Types of Heaters

A wood-burning stove or an electric heater? Electric heaters are used in most saunas thanks to their ease of use and convenience. Many electric heaters come equipped with programmable controls that can preheat your sauna. Included in the controls are a range of safety features which allow you to shut off your sauna automatically. For a more classic sauna experience, opt for a wood-burning stove. These have been used for thousands of years and are very cost-effective. The scent and sound of the water pouring over hot rocks bring your sauna experience a more classic feel. You will have to ventilate your wood-burning stove with a chimney and a heat guard.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Your choice of sauna will depend on how much space you dedicate to it. Consider a cute, cabin-style sauna if you have a lot of outdoor space and want to add charm to your property. This adds value to your home and is invaluable to your daily routine. If you have less space to work with or prefer an indoor sauna, the best choice is something more minor. The benefits are the same with outdoor and indoor saunas, and the determining factor will be how much space you have. 

Find Your Perfect Dundalk LeisureCraft Saunas 

There are so many factors to consider when purchasing a home sauna. The amount of information available can be intimidating, so reach out to a SaunaFin expert to discuss the correct sauna for you. Our team of experts is a third-generation business that has been manufacturing saunas since 1962. Choose quality, trustworthy, and knowledgeable sauna experts to help you on your journey to relaxation and wellness.

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