Guide to Outdoor Sauna Care and Maintenance

Posted in Home saunas, on January 30, 2023

Outdoor saunas have become increasingly popular lately. It is clear why: You can escape the everyday grind in your oasis and add value to your property. Caring for your outdoor sauna does differ from indoor sauna maintenance. A traditional wood stove is an excellent addition to your sauna. You will have to care for the exterior and interior of the space. The maintenance is more than worth it– relax in your outdoor cabin sauna while reaping the benefits of habitual use. Get stronger hair, brighter skin, better sleep, and more with a SaunaFin outdoor cabin sauna. If you have more questions about outdoor cabin saunas or sauna wood stoves, contact our team of experts for more information.

Caring for Your Sauna Interior

outdoor cabin saunaVacuuming and sweeping should be regular when using your sauna. Ensure the space is dry first, and sweep to remove dirt and other debris. Lightly washing the floor with gentle soap and water is recommended to maintain cleanliness throughout the year. There is no need for harsh or abrasive chemicals. They will turn your wood grey, which is different from the aesthetic you have dreamt of. Feel free to use fine-grit sandpaper to remove stubborn stains and get an intense clean of your sauna. Caring for the interior of your home sauna will make using it all the more enjoyable when it is in use.

Caring for Your Sauna Exterior

The weather fluctuations are notable in Canada. One day it could be balmy, and the next, freezing. The cedar wood will either expand or shrink depending on the humidity and other weather conditions. It is best to let the cedar expand into the bands, making the sauna staves tighter. Over time you will find your sauna weathering naturally, as wood does. It may become grey, but the rain and sun will not harm the wood. If you want to maintain the colour of the wood of your sauna, you may stain it. Many products are on the market, so do your homework. Never treat the interior of your sauna, and do not apply paint or varnish to the exterior.

Managing Sauna Water Seepage

Having some water seep into your outdoor sauna is entirely typical and expected. Proper installation will help you avoid having water drip in, but the tops and sides of your sauna will have some moisture. Wood is naturally porous, and the ball and socket design of the staves leaves small spaces for water to get in. However, this is easy to manage because water seepage does not harm your sauna. The moisture will evaporate when the stove is turned on, and the sauna heats up. 

How to Care for a Wood-Burning Sauna Stove

It is easier to care for your wood-burning sauna stove than one might think. There are steps to make this simple. Start with a clean firebox, emptying it of ash. Lay five or six logs in your firebox like you would stack a campsite woodpile. Add paper and kindling to the logs. Damper up with the ash pan closed and wait until the coals are ready to be pulled forward. Now, damper down. Regularly cleaning your wood-burning sauna stove will keep it in peak condition.

If you have further questions about the benefits of sauna ownership, outdoor sauna care, and maintenance, contact our team of experts at SaunaFin today!

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