What Are the Health Benefits of a Steam Shower?

Posted in Home saunas, on January 23, 2023

Steam showers and steam baths are quickly gaining popularity because of its accessibility as an at-home, luxury spa treatment. There are so many benefits to steam showers that it is clear why people are so interested in these small but mighty bathroom fixtures. Not only are steam showers easy to use, but they are budding with physical benefits. Steamist technology will save you trips to the spa while adding value to your home.

A steam shower is much smaller than a sauna or a steam room and is a self-contained unit. For the Steamist user, this is very convenient since it is easier to clean and requires much less maintenance. Reach out to our dedicated team at SaunaFin to learn more about how steam showers work and get yours today. 

Clear Your Nasal Passage

steam showerDo you suffer from chronic allergies or a sniffly nose in the winter? Steam therapy is known to help clear nasal passages and congested sinuses. You will be breathing deeply again in no time with your steam bath.

Improve Your Circulation

After an intense exercise, you will want nothing more than to wind down in your steam bath. Imagine a proper cooling down period of relaxation in total silence. Medical research has found that the warmth of a stem shower helps open your capillaries, allowing better blood flow and circulation. Just as your steam shower can open capillaries, it can reportedly promote lower blood pressure. 

Treat Skin and Hair

Some people gift themselves expensive hair treatments and facials. Save time and money by installing a steam shower and enjoy these treatments in the comfort of your own home. The warming effect of the Steamist technology opens pores allowing for a lot of sweat. This perspiration will clear pores and reduce the occurrence of breakouts. On the hair, steam therapy allows hair follicles to become more receptive to treatments, giving your hair products that ability to go deeper and produce better results.

Enable Relaxation

Nothing is as relaxing as melting your stress away after a long, busy day. Hop into your steam bath or shower and instantly feel the grit and grime rinse away with steam therapy. Relax your breathing and focus on your slowing heart rate. Manage your stress with regular use of your Steamist shower addition. Steam shower users often report better sleep since the steam shower allows for major winding down.

Customize Your Experience

You can add all sorts of fun and relaxing customizations to your steam shower. Consider ChromoSense chromotherapy and have some soft, ambient lighting installed. AromaSense allows you to bring fresh, lush scents into your steam shower experience. Consider eucalyptus or lavender, both known for their calming properties. AudioSense can bring your steamy encounter to another level by playing your favourite calming tunes. Lastly, ShowerSense allows you to control up to three separate shower heads at once remotely.

Shop Steamist Steam Showers & Saunas

The health benefits of a steam bath are many and vary a lot. Pick and choose the kind of experience you want to have in your bath. You can customize your bathing encounter by adding light, scent, music, and more. Your steam bath will have many relaxing features and be a place of rest and recovery. Reach out to our team of experts at SaunaFin today to learn more and get on your path to home steam bath ownership. 

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