Benefits of the Barrel Sauna Design

Posted in Outdoor Saunas, on February 17, 2023

Saunas have been a staple for rejuvenation and relaxation for centuries. With more homeowners looking to add a touch of luxury and indulgence to their homes with saunas in Toronto, it’s worthwhile to look at the different types available. The classic barrel sauna is one sauna design that has stood the test of time, popularity, and functionality. Loved across North America, the barrel sauna can be the perfect at-home wellness retreat. At SaunaFin you can find beautiful, functional, and relaxing home saunas in New York, Chicago, Denver, Boston, and throughout the US and Canada.

Here’s why the barrel sauna is a practical design worth considering for your next sauna investment. 

Unique Heat Distribution

home barre saunaThe curved shape of the barrel sauna allows it the benefit of unique heat distribution that locks in warmth for a long time. The round design helps to circulate air and distribute heat evenly, providing a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the sauna interior. The barrel sauna can hold heat and maintain it for hours, even in negative temperatures in the GTA. This makes the barrel sauna in Toronto an excellent option for those who want a snug and relaxing sauna experience. 

Top-Tier Materials & Construction

The barrel sauna is typically made with high-quality materials and crafted with care. Most barrel saunas in Toronto are made with cedar wood, which is well known for its durability, natural insulation and resistance to moisture & decay. This ensures that your barrel sauna will maintain its aesthetic charm and provide therapeutic benefits for years.

Budget-Friendly Option

The barrel sauna is relatively easy on the pocket as the frame, interior and exterior walls are built into the cylindrical design. Round or rectangular-shaped saunas require a frame and exterior finishing that adds to the construction cost. You also save on insulation costs, as barrel saunas don’t need it.
Moreover, barrel saunas are typically sold as easy-to-assemble and budget-friendly DIY kits. 

Low Maintenance 

The barrel sauna is relatively low maintenance as it does not require special care or upkeep. Simply wiping the barrel sauna after each use and monthly cleaning will keep your sauna in mint condition. The unique round design provides a roomy interior with less air space to heat. Thus, the barrel sauna heats up quickly and requires less energy than traditional saunas.

Comfortable Seating & Ample Indoor Space

As mentioned earlier, the cylindrical barrel sauna provides ample indoor space with comfortable seating. Stretch out and indulge in mindful me-time or entertain friends and family, bonding over therapeutic sauna sessions!  Undoubtedly, barrel saunas in Toronto provide the space and comfort necessary to savour your sauna experience to the fullest.

Pleasing Aesthetics

The barrel sauna also scores high on aesthetics. The distinctive curved design of the closed-barrel sauna creates a stunning visage that will enhance the look of any backyard or mountain retreat. Or enjoy the breathtaking landscape from the cozy comfort of SaunaFin’s panoramic barrel sauna. Whether you wish to create a peaceful oasis in your cottage in the mountains or entertain in your backyard, the barrel sauna will add elegance and charm to your outdoor space.  

Sweat Out in Style with SaunaFin Saunas

If you covet a barrel sauna in Toronto, consider sweating out in style in a SaunaFin sauna. Our high-quality saunas are crafted from the finest materials and constructed with the care and expertise of 60-plus years in the sauna industry. Transform your wellness journey and step into the luxurious relaxation of SaunaFin saunas.  Call us now to unwind in the comfort of your SaunaFin barrel sauna! 

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