How to Maximize Your Steam Shower Experience

Posted in steam bath, on February 13, 2023

When talking about the ultimate in-home relaxation, we often think of a home sauna. The dry heat from a sauna allows us to indulge in mindfulness and destress from the daily grind. But have you heard of the steam shower? Also extremely relaxing, steam showers differ from saunas in that moisture is present. Installing a steam shower unit, allows you to melt away your troubles and unwind. 

If you have questions about steam shower units or the differences between a steam shower and a sauna contact our sauna and steam bath experts at SaunaFin. Shop Steamist steam showers to upgrade your sauna experience at SaunaFin.

Read on to learn more about maximizing your steam shower experience. 

Pre-Steam Shower Prep

steam shower unitAvoid using any skin products before your steam shower. The transfer of heat is beneficial to your skin, so do not block your skin’s barrier. Do a gentle exfoliating scrub if you have recently used any lotions or skin products. Be sure to eat and hydrate beforehand; the last thing you want is to feel woozy in your steam shower session. Get ready to sweat a lot, so hydration is essential before and after your session. It may add to your steam shower experience to set up some of your favourite diffusers and music with audiosense and aromasense technology from your Steamist steam shower unit.

Guide to Steam Shower Usage

Feel free to use your steam shower daily or as often as possible. However, it might be best to have a regular shower if you are sick or dehydrated. Losing extra sweat will only make you feel worse. People with pre-existing medical conditions should consult their doctor about the frequency of steam shower usage. Begin your steam shower journey with a 15-minute trial. Shorter sessions will get you acclimated with your steam shower, and you can build up your time spent inside. There is no exact optimal time; it is just personal preference.

Post Steam Shower Wind Down

Steam showers have been shown to improve circulation and increase heart rate. This means you should refrain from vigorous activity after your steam shower. Permission to lounge around, granted! You will be very relaxed after your steam shower, so doing your favourite self-care routine would be nice. Apply lotions, skin products, and essential oils after your steam shower. You will feel and smell lovely. Have a light meal afterward, and remember to hydrate.

How to Upgrade Your Steam Shower with Steamist Generators from SaunaFin

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Add a steam shower to your daily regimen for the utmost in self-care and relaxation. Imagine lightly exfoliating and hopping into your shower, reaping the benefits of steam therapy for your skin and hair, and lounging afterward. It sounds perfect. If you would like this to be your reality, talk to our experts at SaunaFin to learn how you can own a steam shower. 

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