Sauna Kit Comparison Chart

Sauna Kit Comparison Chart

Comparing All Three Sauna Material Kits




lk prime sauna kit       

Everything you need to build
a quality sauna

  • 1x4 bench tops
  • 2x2 supports
  • Single pane door glass 


lk plus sauna kit


  • 2x4 bench tops and supports
  •  Insulated door glass


lk premium sauna kit

Included thicker lining and many of our most popular options & upgrades

  • 11/16" wall/ceiling lining cedar
  • 2x4 bench tops and supports
  • Insulated door glass
  • Upgraded Heater & control
  • Designer features and accessories
Lining 9/16 Thickness 9/16 Thickness "true" 11/16 Thickness
Lining Full Lengths(no seams up to 8')
Horizontal Standard (up to 8'x8'). Vertical available as option
Furniture grade sanded finish
Kiln-dried to 9%



1x4 bench tops

2x4 wall cleats (hangers)

2x2 floor supports (as required)

2x4 bench tops

2x4 wall cleats 

2x4 floor supports (as required)

2x4 bench tops

2x4 wall cleats

2x4 floor supports (as required)

L-Bench       Optional
Backrest Optional Optional YES
Bench Skirt Optional Optional

Top  Bench Riser


Frameless Glass Door - Clear or Bronze R.O. 27-1/2" x 76-1/2"                

Door Detail

All doors pre-hung (to ease installation)
Some are providing 72" to save money and then charging you for 74" door. 
While it may not appear that those 2" mean much. It does to the many people who are 5'11", 6' or 6'1" tall. 
The cedar endcaps on our doors add to the height, make the door stronger (& add to the fabrication cost).
But, it is a better built door, more practical and  suitable for the application. 


Sauna Craft CW-M Model
100% surgical stainless steel frame & shell

Other heater options

Sauna Craft CW-M Model
100% surgical stainless steel frame & shell

Other heater options

Sauna Craft CW-XR Model
100% surgical stainless steel shell
Lifetime Residential warranty

Other heater options


Sauna Craft TPT3 
Other Sauna Craft & Tylo options

Sauna Craft TPT3 
Other Sauna Craft & Tylo options

Sauna Craft EL-13 Electronic Control
Tylo Heater options


Floor Boards Optional
Cedar Slide Vent One slide vent One slide vent One slide vent, one fixed grill
Galvanized/Treated Fasteners Yes Yes Yes
Foil Yes
Light Yes
Corner Molding Yes Yes Yes
Cedar Casing Inside Inside Two sides
Standard Accessories (Bucket, dipper, thermometer) Optional Optional Yes
Additional Accessories: (Sand timer, headrest, Eucalyptus, towel wrap)  Optional Optional Light Shade

Which is Best for You?

LK Prime:                          
The most economical because of the thinner bench material. Ideal for the price conscious do-it-yourselfer.
Not recommended for building contractor or homeowner buying kit for their builder. Benches take longer to build, so the savings in material is offset by increased labor costs.  
LK Plus:                           
This is the most popular package. Strong, sturdy 2x4 bench tops and supports that are quicker to assemble and have a very substantial look and feel.
The LK Plus starts you off with a first-rate, high quality sauna and lets you pick and choose the options and extras that appeal to you. The 9/16 cedar is as thick or thicker that most sauna manufacturers offer.  You can utilize it with complete confidence.

LK Premium:                     
Starts as an LK Plus, but adds a lot of designer features, popular heater upgrades and accessories. What distinguishes the LK Premium is the thicker 11/16" wall/ceiling lining.
If the thicker wall lining is an important consideration for you, the LK Premium is a great deal. It is also popular with customers who like all the included upgrades.  The thicker cedar is just a bonus.
On the other hand, it you like some of the other features, but the 11/16" cedar is not that important, then you are usually better off selecting an LK Plus and adding the upgrades you like.
(Alert: Some pass off 5/8 cedar as 11/16. Ours is a true 11/16".)

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