Pure Cube Outdoor CU572-Knotty

Pure Cube Outdoor CU572-Knotty

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Customize your Pure Cube Outdoor CU572-Knotty

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Saaku CP Heater with built in control

Tylo Heaters-OD 8

Typically, when you select a Tylo with Pure or Elite control with a Pre-Fab Outdoor Sauna, the controls are installed inside the sauna.
With either control, your pre-fab sauna will include additional trim to conceal the low voltage control cables.
Note: when installing Tylo control inside, the control must be a minimum of 12" from heater and 36" maximum above the floor. 


Wood Stove (Pure Vision)

For Pure Cube Vision saunas, Wood stove only avaialble with CU580 model (and CU570, if door on far side wall)

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Privacy Screen (Large)

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Accessories - Pure Cube Saunas

There are no accessories included with Pure CubeSauna.
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Pure Cube Outdoor CU572-Knotty

Saaku CP Heater with built in control :

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Don't see "your" sauna size here? Not a problem.

Saunafin can build a custom sauna kit for virtually any size or shape of sauna.

Contact us to discuss or send a drawing of what you have in mind. There are many great new designer features being incorporated in saunas; inspired by online designer showcase websites. We will help you balance function vs. fashion. We will advise on how best to utilize the space. And just importantly, we will tell you if we think your design is bad or unworkable.

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