3 Examples of the Best Saunas for Your Toronto Home

Posted on 15 January 2024

The soul-melting pampering of a home sauna in Toronto can add just the right touch of luxurious wellness to your space. Whether you need a therapeutic solution for cardiovascular benefits, weight loss, better immunity, or a restorative escape, custom saunas from SaunaFin let you craft a relaxing retreat. Deciding to get a sauna is the easy part. Choosing the perfect outdoor or indoor sauna tailored to your tastes is a challenge you’ll enjoy. Our sauna experts have curated a concise blog on the best three saunas for your Toronto home. 

Traditional Finnish Saunas

3 Examples of the Best Saunas for Your Toronto HomeA traditional Finnish or wood-burning sauna is the ‘dry’ sauna cherished by sauna lovers. An authentic Finnish ‘kiuas’ or wood stove heats the sauna stones that spread the heat across the sauna interior. Every traditional sauna has the mandatory bucket and ladle to create ‘löyly’ or a steamy effect by splashing water on the heated rocks. While heating preferences are personal, the typical sauna temperature should be between 140-190 degrees fahrenheit. 

The traditional Finnish sauna requires a much higher temperature than the steam sauna or new-fangled infrared versions. This is because Finnish saunas use rocks to heat up the sauna, while infrared saunas use infrared beams to heat the body directly. 

Despite modern sauna avatars, traditional Finnish saunas are coveted for their rustic feel and health benefits. Finnish saunas are best placed outdoors, preferably in an uncongested space, to prevent the smoke from bothering the neighbours. Saunafin offers nifty sauna kits for DIY enthusiasts. If you prefer a pre-built sauna, try the cabin or the pure cedar indoor sauna. Barrel saunas and pod saunas remain eternal favourites with Finnish sauna lovers. 

Steam Saunas

A steam sauna or a steam room heats up through steam emitted through powerful steam generators. These steamy ‘wet’ saunas are high on moisture, providing a soothing therapeutic effect. They’re built with non-porous tiles, ceramic, or glass that can tolerate high heat and humidity. Steam saunas in Toronto are ideal for alleviating respiratory issues and allergies. Weight loss, detoxification, and clear skin are additional wellness perks of steam saunas. 

Steam saunas have a lower operating temperature than electric and traditional Finnish saunas. While steam room temperatures hover between 90-120 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll still feel hot due to the super-high(up to 100%) humidity levels. 

Modern steam saunas are powered by steam generators that boil and vaporize water to release it directly into the steam room. The Elite Steam or the ES Easy Steam generator available at SaunaFin is a trusted workhorse that can be integrated into your bathroom. 

Electric Saunas

Electric saunas are a stylish modern upgrade to the traditional wood-fired saunas. They come with all the benefits of the Finnish sauna minus the hassle of wood and smoke. Electric saunas generate heat using an electric heater that heats the sauna stones and maintains the indoor sauna temperature. The electric sauna stove can power up your sauna with the convenient press of a button. The humidity levels of an electric sauna are typically low. Still, you can add ‘löyly’ by pouring water over the sauna rocks. Electric saunas can be installed outdoors and indoors and are a practical choice for modern homes. While wood-burning saunas require an hour or 45 minutes to get started, electric saunas can heat up in minutes. 

SaunaFin’s complete range of energy-efficient electric sauna heaters guarantees years of hassle-free sauna enjoyment. Choose from the powerful TYLO heaters with the ‘thermoflux’ cool-touch shell, SaunaFin’s own Sauna Craft brand, or the versatile Saaku sauna series. All electric sauna heaters allow for seamless temperature control. Whether you choose a clear-cedar pre-fab Cabin sauna, the Pure Vision indoor sauna, or the outdoor Panoramic Barrel, Pod, Pure, or Luna sauna, electric sauna heaters ensure a trouble-free sauna experience. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sauna

Selecting the best sauna type requires careful analysis of your sauna goals, heating, size, design, and budget. Assessing your sauna needs or goals is the first step to arriving at the ideal sauna for your Toronto home. Enlist the specific sauna benefits you want.

Are you looking to target particular health issues? Want to enjoy the social experience of a traditional sauna? What are your preferences for heating and maintenance levels? Does a sauna oasis with a spa-like luxury appeal to you, or do you prefer a rustic, outdoor sauna setting? Do you have budget constraints? What is the sauna size your home can accommodate? Do you like a classic barrel sauna design or the modern, elegant cubic style? 

Answering these pertinent questions and analyzing your sauna needs can help you decide the best type. For example, an outdoor barrel sauna is your best bet if you are looking for an authentic sauna experience while soaking in nature’s sights. If you’re short on space and budget, you may love the practical steam sauna or a compact indoor sauna. 

Installation and Maintenance

Installation requirements for traditional, steam, and infrared options can differ. Traditional Finnish saunas require detailed framing, insulation, and correct ventilation. A dedicated water supply, drainage, electrical fittings, and careful sealing to lock moisture are a must for steam saunas. Electric saunas are more versatile, and installation depends on the size, space, and location. 

A home sauna in Toronto requires routine maintenance for hygiene, longevity, and performance. Don’t worry; sauna upkeep is much simpler than maintaining a pool or hot tub. After each use, you only need a few minutes to wipe down and clean your sauna. If you want a fuss-free sauna with minimal upkeep, go for an infrared or electric sauna. The steam sauna demands more care with its moist heat and high humidity. 

Takeaways for The Best Sauna Type for Your Toronto Home

Each of the three saunas provides distinct sauna experiences in terms of heating, humidity, health benefits, installation, and maintenance requirements. The ideal sauna type for your home sauna in Toronto ultimately hinges on your specific sauna needs and preferences. Review and assess each sauna with your sauna goals before choosing one. Or make your choice easier with SaunaFin, the undisputed leader for custom saunas in Canada. With sixty-plus years of established sauna projects, SaunaFin guarantees a bespoke sauna experience you’ll cherish for years! Talk to our product experts for all your sauna queries to help with your dream sauna purchase. Order a sauna kit or pre-fab custom SaunaFin sauna. Better yet, visit our showroom to craft Your Sauna, Your Way!

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