FAQs on Sauna Heaters For Home Saunas & Outdoor Saunas

Posted on 03 May 2022

sauna heater for home saunaHome saunas are one of the best and most enjoyable ways to relax and relieve tension, but being able to enjoy them to their fullest is sometimes complicated by the equipment that's used to heat them. Different types of indoor and outdoor saunas use different types of sauna heaters, and it's important to know which ones are right for your sauna. The benefits of sauna heaters are numerous and include reaching a sauna temperature faster, better heat distribution, and lower operating costs. In order to get the most out of your sauna, it is important to install the right combination of elements. This article aims to answer some of the most common questions regarding Sauna Heaters and their installation.

How long do sauna heaters last? 

On average, a sauna heater will last around 20 years. However, this number can vary somewhat depending on the quality of the heater and how often it is used. If you want your sauna heater to last as long as possible, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for care and maintenance.

What are the different types of sauna heaters? 

There are two main types of sauna heaters: electric and wood-burning. 

  1. Electric sauna heaters are more popular because they are easier to install and maintain.
  2. Wood-burning sauna heaters take more time to heat up, but some people prefer them because they create a more traditional sauna experience.

Can I install a sauna heater myself? 

Installing a sauna heater is not a difficult task, but it is one that should be done by a professional. This is because electrical work is involved, and there is a risk of fire if the installation is not done correctly.

How does a sauna heater work? 

A sauna heater works by heating up rocks or stones that are placed inside the sauna. The heat from the rocks or stones will then radiate out into the rest of the sauna, providing warmth for those using it. Sauna heaters typically use either electricity or wood to heat up the rocks or stones.

What are the benefits of using a sauna heater in a home sauna? 

There are numerous benefits to using a sauna heater, including being able to reach the desired sauna temperature faster, improved heat distribution throughout the sauna, and lower operating costs. When combined with other elements such as insulation, a good ventilation system, and proper seating, a sauna heater can help create an optimal sauna experience.

Why is it important to install the right combination of elements for my sauna? 

It is important to install the right combination of elements for your home sauna because doing so can help maximize its efficiency and safety. For example, installing an electric sauna heater along with proper insulation can help reduce energy costs while ensuring that the heat generated by the heater is distributed evenly throughout the space.

Should I Use A Wall Mounted or Freestanding Electric Sauna Heater? 

There are a few things to consider when deciding between a wall mounted or freestanding electric sauna heater. 

  • The most important factor is probably going to be the size and layout of your sauna. If you have a smaller sauna, then a wall mounted heater might be the better option because it will take up less space. 
  • If you have a larger sauna, then a freestanding heater might be better because it will provide more evenly distributed heat throughout the space. Another thing to consider is whether you want the ability to move your heater around if necessary. 
  • A wall mounted heater is going to be more stationary, while a freestanding one can be moved if needed. 
  • Ultimately, the decision between a wall mounted or freestanding electric sauna heater comes down to personal preference and what will work best for your particular sauna space.

Sauna heaters are available in two types: electric and wood burning. Both types of sauna heaters work with both indoor and outdoor saunas. They also have their own benefits and drawbacks. Consider the functionality of your home and lifestyle when choosing your sauna heater type. Contact SaunaFin today to inquire about the sauna heaters we sell.

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