How Long Does A Cedar Sauna Last?

Posted on 07 December 2023

In the realm of relaxation and well-being, few things rival the comforting embrace of a cedar sauna. They offer homeowners a luxurious escape within the comfort of their own space. Unsurprisingly, the popularity of these therapeutic sanctuaries for home use has surged in recent years. Amid the choices available, cedar saunas stand out for their aromatic allure, sturdiness, and longevity. Our blog delves into the crucial question: How long does a cedar sauna last? Join us on a journey through the quality of cedar wood, the significance of the correct sauna heater, accessories, maintenance, and the impact of usage and frequency on your prized personal oasis. 

Quality of Cedar Wood

How Long Does A Cedar Sauna Last?Wood quality significantly influences how long a sauna will endure the test of time. Cedar wood is categorized into different grades based on its quality and appearance.

  • Clear Cedar: High-quality cedar, like clear western cedar, has minimal imperfections, an alluring aroma, and an extended lifespan. Investing in a SaunaFin cedar sauna crafted from superior red western cedar ensures a captivating aesthetic and longevity. Coupled with a sturdy sauna heater, it can be a durable sanctuary that withstands the elements.
  • Premium Cedar: Featuring some knots but overall high quality, premium cedar is also long-lasting. 
  • Knotty Cedar: Known for pronounced knots, knotty cedar has a lifespan ranging from 15 to 30 years. 

Overall, cedar saunas are sturdier than other woods, rot-resistant, and are built to withstand decades of use. Regular maintenance and staining can maximize durability.

Maintenance and Care 

Your cedar sauna requires care and routine maintenance to ensure longevity and quality. 

Before and After Sauna Use

  • Wash your feet before entering the sauna to ward off dirt, grime, and potential mould growth.
  • Fresh, absorbent towels on the benches and floor prevent sweat stains. Swap used towels after each use.
  • Wipe benches with a soft cloth after use to eliminate excess moisture.
  • Leave your cedar sauna door ajar for a few hours to expedite drying after a session.

Sauna Cleaning

  • Regular cleaning prolongs the sauna’s life and maintains its pristine condition. 
  • Vacuum or sweep away dust, grit, and any tracked-in foliage for an inviting sauna space. 
  • Use a mild water & vinegar solution after every few sessions to gently wash and clean the sauna. Avoid chemical cleaners to prevent health risks.

Wood ProtectionTips 

  • Steer clear of hard water use to prevent the formation of unsightly lime build-up. 
  • Safeguard the interior by avoiding using sealants or protectants that can harm the wood and emit toxic fumes. 
  • Extend exterior wood lifespan by treating it with wood-penetrating oil and a UV inhibitor stain. This enhances sunlight resistance while maintaining the wood’s vibrant colour. 

Usage and Frequency

Regular, moderate sauna sessions can extend life and prevent wear from excessive heating. Allow proper cool-down intervals to preserve the cedar wood’s integrity. Consistent maintenance, periodic sealing, and inspections are crucial. 

The Last Word

The quality of cedar wood, coupled with meticulous maintenance and mindful usage, contributes to the lifespan of these rejuvenating havens. A high-quality cedar sauna can be a timeless retreat when treated with care.

SaunaFin is your gateway to rejuvenation with a wealth of sauna wisdom spanning six decades and a stunning range of premium cedar saunas and sauna heaters. SaunaFin cedar saunas embody lasting quality and longevity. Make an enduring investment in wellness with a SaunaFin sauna sanctuary today! 

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