Outdoor Pure Cube Sauna

Extend the Life Span Of Your Outdoor Pure Cube Sauna

outdoor pure cube saunaA home sauna is the perfect oasis to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many homeowners fall in love with Pure Cube saunas for their unique cube-like design and stunning floor-to-ceiling windows. With an outdoor Pure Cube sauna, you can enjoy spectacular views of your home or cottage backyard while relaxing and unwinding in the warm environment of your new sauna. But many homeowners are left wondering, how can I extend the life of my home sauna? With regular use, your sauna can begin to show signs of wear and tear. Here is a guide to help you take care of your outdoor Pure Cube sauna through years of Canadian weather and regular sauna sessions.

Minimizing Chances Of Contamination

Just like your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your home, your sauna can become contaminated with germs, mold, and other unwanted microbes. To ensure your sauna lasts through years of use, it is crucial to prevent contamination to protect your benches and backrests, as well as the health of sauna bathers.

The best way to prevent contamination is to get into the routine of regularly brushing your backrests, benches, and walls with water. Regular sauna care does not require cleaning with harsh chemicals or disinfectants. Instead, all you need to do is use a bucket of fresh water and a wooden brush to gently brush the benches, backrests, and any other wood surfaces. At SaunaFin, we recommend having the final bather in the sauna brush the surfaces following every sauna session. The brushing process will take no more than a few minutes and help prevent contamination and staining from sweat and bathers.

However, keep in mind that you should never clean the wood with pressurized water, such as a hose or pressure washer. Stick to using the wooden brush and freshwater to gently clean the benches, backrests, and other wooden surfaces.

Proper Ventilation And Heating

The high heat of a sauna can lead to moisture build-up over time. With Pure Cube saunas and any home sauna, it is vital to pay close attention to ventilation following every session. Following sauna use, we recommend simply opening your sauna door to help heat and moisture ventilate out of the sauna space.

If you participated in a wet sauna session (i.e., generated steam), ventilation is a key care step. We recommend leaving the heater on as you ventilate for about 30 minutes to ensure that the heat vapourizes the water from surfaces.

Proper Care Of Bench and Tank

To avoid staining or potential contamination on benches, always use a towel in your home sauna. Whether you wear the towel or sit on a towel on top of the benches, the cotton will help to absorb sweat, dirt, and makeup that could rub off onto the wooden benches.

To help protect your sauna, it is also a great idea to remove any water from the tank, bucket, or other spaces after a session. Removing any water will prevent moisture build-up and help protect your wooden surfaces while the sauna is not in use.

When trying to generate steam for a wet sauna session, it is crucial to splash water on your sauna rocks instead of wooden surfaces. Only add water to the sauna rocks to continue to protect the wood from water and moisture build-up.

Periodic Sauna Maintenance

Just like any room or space in your home, your sauna will also need periodic maintenance. Every few months, you should check your benches and screws to ensure everything is in place and the structural integrity is intact.

The sauna floor drain can also collect debris and grow mold if neglected over time. It is a good idea to clean your sauna floor drain about twice per year to prevent unwanted growth and smells.

Finally, sauna rocks can crumble over time, and you should check the state of the stones every few months to ensure they are in good condition.

At SaunaFin, we sell outdoor Pure Cube saunas in various sizes to fit every home and cottage backyard. With a glass door and floor-to-ceiling windows, your new cube sauna will offer plenty of natural light for bathers. SaunaFin makes it easy to assemble a home sauna that meets your specific needs with customizable sauna material kits. To get started customizing Pure Cube saunas, contact the SaunaFin team today.

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