SAUNA CRAFT CWM SERIES (with external control)

SAUNA CRAFT CWM SERIES (with external control)

CW-M frame and shell is 100% Stainless Steel.
More durable and long lasting.

starting at: $1125.00

Customize your SAUNA CRAFT CWM SERIES (with external control)

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CW-M Sauna Craft heaters

Controls (CW)

Control includes the hard to find larger capacity MBD-3 masonry box.
(Others tell you to supply your own standard 3-gang box or Masonry box.  Standard box is a  difficult and sub-standard fit. And, the MBD-3 is actually difficult to find and costly ($20-$30.00)

  • Made in Canada.
  • 100% Stainless Steel frame and shell.
  • Precisely engineered baffled shell construction provides enhanced air flow for quicker heat-up time, cost saving efficiency, and cooler outer shell
  • Rugged construction for years of safe, low cost, efficient sauna enjoyment
  • High quality, low watt density heating elements
  • Built-in high temperature safety cut-off
  • Tested and approved for use in Canada and U.S.A.
  • Only 240 volt residential pricing shown here.  For 208 volt and commercial heaters, call for pricing.
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Sauna Craft


SAUNA CRAFT CWM SERIES (with external control)

CW-M Sauna Craft heaters :

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Sizing & Specifications

Sauna Craft Features

XR Model Warranty

Sauna Craft Manuals

Freight - Heaters

* Heater Sizing Chart




4000 240 1 16.7 30 10 100 150
5000 240 1 20.8 30 10 150 250
6000 240 1 25 30 10 200 300
6000 208 3 16.6 30 10 200 300
7500 240 1 31.3 40 8 290 375
7500 208 3 20.9 30 10 290 375
9000 240 1 37.5 50 8 360 450
9000 208 3 25 40 8 360 450
12000 240 1 50 70 6 450 700
12000 208 3 33.4 50 8 450 700
15000 240 1 62.5 80 4 600 900
15000 208 3 41.7 60 6 600 900
18000 208 3 50.3 70 6 750 1050

* Wire size/Breaker is recommendation only. Confirm with your licensed electrical contractor.

sauna craft sw series sauna heater

sauna craft sw series sauna heater details

(for saunas up to 450 cubic feet)
(4kW to 9kW)  (Exterior Controls)
CW Wall Hung - Wall or Corner mounted
Stainless Steel (304) shell and inner baffles


100% Stainless Steal.


100% Stainless Steal.
Deep Rock Compartment
Extended Warranty



Residential Warranty: 5 years.

Commercial Warranty:

1 year

CW-XR: Residential Warranty:


Commercial Warranty:

3 year


(for saunas over 450 cubic feet)
(12kW to 18kW)
FM Floor Standing (Exterior Controls)
Stainless Steel (304) shell and inner baffles


100% Stainless Steal.


100% Stainless Steal.
Deep Rock Compartment
Extended Warranty



Residential Warranty: 5 years.

Commercial Warranty:

1 year

CW-XR: Residential Warranty:


Commercial Warranty:

3 year


XR Model Heaters - Deep Rock Basket

CW-XR and FM-XR have deep mesh rock basket
Vertical column of rocks and better vaporization

Sauna heater xr model deep rock basket

Sauna Craft offers the best warranty in the industry.

Residential models for home use (240 volt, 1 phase)
CWM & FM carry our standard five-year warranty.

CW-XR & FM-XR carry a Lifetime warranty on heating elements. Send back the broken part and we will send a replacement.

Be aware that some other's "lifetime" warranties may not be what they appear. If it's important to you, ask for details.

Some sauna heater manufacturers demand that you send the heater back to the factory for warranty repair. We find this to be preposterous. Expecting you to disconnect and ship a sauna cross country is an absurd expense. It is a disreputable tool intended to avoid providing quality service to customers.

Yet another heater offered with a lifetime warranty, considers the element to be a "consumable" product and such does not warranty the element.

Commercial models for public use (208 volt, 3 phase)
Commercial saunas receive intensely more abuse than do residential. So while we cannot offer the same warranty coverage, we still provide industry leading coverage for our CW-XR-C & FM-XR-C models.

CWS, CWM, FM carry our standard one-year warranty. (There is 30 days warranty on the elements).
CW-XR-C & FM-XR-C carry a Three-year warranty on heating elements.
(To our knowledge, no other sauna manufacturer offers a commercial warranty beyond one year).

Online prices are for residential models. Contact us for pricing on CW-XR-C and FM-XR-C commercial models. 


Heater Freight Estimate

Most Heaters are picked up at our factory.  Shipping will be about $50.00 to $100.00 depending on destination.

Freight will be confirmed before the order is finalized.
The U.S. heater freight table below is an estimate based your part of the country.
For zones 1 through 5, freight is included for wall hung heaters.  There is freight surcharge for zones 6-10
and Large Heaters.


   Sauna Craft
(CM & CW-XR)

Saaku (CP)

(Sport & Plus)


           FM & Pro                  (Floor Standing)

Zone 1

Freight Included


Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 5

Zone 6


Zone 7


Zone 8


Zone 9


Zone 10


sauna heater company delivery usa

Don't see "your" sauna size here? Not a problem.

Saunafin can build a custom sauna kit for virtually any size or shape of sauna.

Contact us to discuss or send a drawing of what you have in mind. There are many great new designer features being incorporated in saunas; inspired by online designer showcase websites. We will help you balance function vs. fashion. We will advise on how best to utilize the space. And just importantly, we will tell you if we think your design is bad or unworkable.

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