3 Types of Indoor Sauna Lighting Options

Posted on 24 November 2023

The sauna ambiance is central to the indoor sauna experience, where relaxation intertwines with rejuvenation and wellness. As you revel in the luxuriant warmth of high-quality sauna heaters, the serene sauna spa atmosphere helps you unwind. Choosing the ideal sauna lighting options can convert your retreat into a haven of tranquillity. As the leading sauna company in Canada, SaunaFin understands the importance of creating a truly immersive experience with sauna illumination. Here’s how to curate a calming indoor sauna oasis with three captivating lighting options from SaunaFin. 

Recessed Lighting

3 Types of Indoor Sauna Lighting OptionsWith its sleek and modern sauna aesthetic, recessed lighting is emerging as a hot favourite. These sublime lighting fixtures seamlessly blend into the sauna walls and ceiling to create a discreet yet enchanting glow. Recessed under bench lights or lighting through the skirting panel provides a soft and even illumination. They cast a warm embrace, enhancing the ambiance without distracting from the primary focus–the therapeutic heat emanating from the sauna heaters.

Imagine stepping into your indoor sauna, enveloped in the gentle glow of recessed lights. The subtle illumination complements the natural wood tones of the sauna’s interior while fostering calming tranquillity. As you unwind in the warmth, the play of light and shadows turns your sauna session into a visual and sensory delight.

LED Light Strips

Sauna companies offer LED light strips as a contemporary and versatile option for sauna lovers seeking a customizable lighting solution. Strategically place these LED strips along the sauna benches, backrests, or the floor to curate a subtle, customized illumination effect. Choose SaunaFin’s TYLO under bench LED lighting strips in varied hues to set your sauna mood. Try a serene blue for languid relaxation, a calming green, or a vibrant colour spectrum for a lively sauna party with friends! 

LED light strip benefits extend beyond aesthetics. These energy-efficient lights emit minimal heat for a comfortable sauna experience. Their durability and long lifespan make them a practical choice to enhance your sauna’s visual appeal without compromising efficiency.


Sconces add a classic charm and understated sophistication to your indoor sauna lighting. Sconces can be placed strategically on the sauna walls for a warm, inviting glow reminiscent of traditional Finnish sauna experiences. The soft light scone lighting creates an authentic sauna ambiance, crafting a soothing environment. Dimming capabilities with adjustable lighting enhance the sauna aesthetic and cater to varied preferences. Uplighting scones direct light upwards to create a subtle, indirect glow. This creates a calming space without harsh illumination. Don’t forget to choose sauna-safe scones designed explicitly for the heat and humidity in your sauna. 

Customizing Your Sauna Lighting Experience

Customizing your sauna lighting provides a personalized experience, simultaneously curating a zen-like spa aesthetic. Sauna companies offer diverse lighting to suit your discerning tastes, allowing you to create a sauna haven that aligns with your relaxation goals. Whether you crave the subtle elegance of recessed lighting, the versatility of LED light strips, or the timeless appeal of sconces, SaunaFin empowers you to craft a sauna retreat that reflects your unique style and preferences. Professional sauna light installation ensures correct electrical work for the sauna’s specialized setting.

Build Your Dream Sauna Kit with SaunaFin

Ready to craft your dream outdoor or indoor sauna oasis? SaunaFin provides all-inclusive sauna kits for seamless, personalized sauna installation. With multiple customization options, including lighting, wood types, and sauna heaters, SaunaFin empowers you to design the ultimate sauna sanctuary. Explore the possibilities, indulge in the luxury of customization, and let SaunaFin be your trusted partner in crafting the perfect indoor sauna retreat. Build your dream sauna kit with SaunaFin today.

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