5 Outdoor Sauna Trends in Los Angeles

Posted on 21 February 2024

From Hollywood Hills hideaways to beachside villa escapes, outdoor saunas in Los Angeles are taking center stage in outdoor relaxation luxury. As the trend sweeps through North America, more fitness enthusiasts are embracing this sauna fusion of wellness and outdoor living. The outdoor sauna is elevating backyard bliss with a heady mix of relaxation, well-being, and improved outdoor living. 

As one of the front-runners of North American sauna companies, SaunaFin has its pulse on the hottest sauna trends shaping outdoor sauna culture. Join us as we unveil the top five outdoor saunas in vogue in Los Angeles. 

Trend #1: Customized Designs

5 Outdoor Sauna Trends in Los AngelesIn the sprawling landscape of Los Angeles that celebrates individuality, the customized outdoor sauna design trend has sauna companies on their toes! No longer content with cookie-cutter models, LA homeowners are creating bespoke sauna sanctuaries that reflect their unique lifestyles and tastes. Collaborating with sauna designers, they are crafting outdoor spaces that go beyond relaxation and become expressions of personal style and wellness philosophy. 

With a focus on customization, LA homeowners are transforming their outdoor spaces into havens of tranquility and self-expression. Nature lovers may prefer a sleek SaunaFin Clear Cedar sauna nestled in a serene backyard oasis. Now imagine this serene retreat seamlessly blending with the lush greenery. Pure bliss! Others may prefer a modern sauna masterpiece in the penthouse, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that frame panoramic views of the LA skyline. 

From rustic retreats to contemporary marvels, the sauna possibilities are as diverse as the city. And with a promise of “Your Sauna, Your Way,” SaunaFin is the perfect partner in your outdoor sauna journey!

Trend #2: Smart Technology

Integrating smart technology in outdoor saunas in Los Angeles is more than a trend—it’s a lifestyle choice. It is redefining how we sauna–constantly evolving and pushing the limits of imagination and innovation. Gone are the days of fumbling with temperature knobs and dials to achieve your perfect sauna environment. Your backyard sauna retreats now have smart features and futuristic apps that transform your sauna experience. With a few convenient swipes on your phone, you can adjust temperature, lighting, and humidity levels to suit your preferences, ensuring every session is perfectly tailored.

You can now craft a sauna ambiance that resonates with your mood. Picture soft LED lighting illuminating your outdoor sanctuary with soothing melodies resonating in the air. All synchronized effortlessly with your smartphone! Make your sauna a customizable oasis with these intelligent features and innovative accessories. Ask us how!

Trend #3: Sustainability

With calls for sustainability echoing ever louder, sustainable outdoor saunas in Los Angeles are making themselves heard and seen! Saunas are not only about relaxation anymore. It’s about treading lightly and reducing your carbon footprint while indulging in the luxuries of wellness. This sustainability isn’t superficial—it’s woven into the very fabric of the outdoor sauna experience. 

From the foundation to the sauna roof, every element is thoughtfully curated to minimize environmental impact. Reclaimed wood adorns the sauna walls, each plank a sustainable story in itself. Solar panels power the gentle glow of LED lighting. SaunFin’s low-emission sauna heaters ensure energy conservation while incorporating natural insulation to help retain heat. Even the landscaping around the sauna can be designed with native, drought-resistant plants. This harmonizes your outdoor sauna with nature and ensures that your recreation isn’t at the cost of our planet. 

Trend #4: Maximizing Wellness

Wellness meets West Coast vibes in sun-kissed LA, where the outdoor sauna scenes are undergoing a shift towards mindful, holistic well-being. Therapeutic aromatherapy benefits can now be combined with outdoor sauna sessions. Bask in the aromatic warmth of your outdoor sauna, soaking in the health benefits under the California sky. Picture your sauna infused with fragrant essences, each breath a mindful step towards relaxation and balance. Use essential oil diffusers to inhale soothing lavender oil to calm the mind. Meditate, unwind, or introspect in the tranquil outdoor sauna atmosphere while soaking in the calming aroma. Or, shake up and clear the senses with an invigorating eucalyptus scent. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? 

You can take the magic a notch higher and add a layer of healing chromotherapy to your sauna bliss. Bask in the sauna warmth, nestled in your outdoor retreat with calming or rejuvenating hues. Blue lighting soothes the spirit, while shades of red invigorate and energize. This dance of light, scents, and colors is one sauna trend that is worth embracing!

Trend #5: Social Spaces

Trend Alert! Saunas as social spaces–the vibrant LA community is blending sauna wellness with social interaction. Outdoor saunas are stepping into the spotlight as social hubs where relaxation and camaraderie intertwine. Homeowners are turning the outdoor relaxation areas into hot sauna parties where friendships thrive, and connections are kindled! Enjoy the shared experience of getting together with friends or family in your outdoor sauna in Los Angeles. Cherish the social bonds forged in the glow of the sauna warmth, your laughter mingling with the steam as you share stories and unwind.

Integrating comfortable seating and relaxing wellness, these outdoor saunas are perfect for solitary introspection as well as lively gatherings. Combine the sauna sesh with a luxurious jacuzzi and sumptuous food for a picture-perfect dinner. Or charm your guests with the flickering flames of an outdoor fireplace, crafting an atmosphere ripe for conversation and languid relaxation. In all, outdoor saunas are surely carving out their place as the ultimate social spaces!

Get on the Sauna Train with SaunaFin

Outdoor saunas are undergoing a remarkable evolution. From embracing smart technology to focusing on sustainability and maximizing wellness, these trends are redefining the outdoor sauna experience. And the focal point is the transformation of outdoor saunas into social spaces that celebrate connections and community! 

So, embrace wellness and mindful relaxation this winter with a stunning outdoor sauna from SaunaFin. As the front-runners among sauna companies in North America, we’re backed by a solid 60 years of expertise and installations. We know the trends, what works in the sauna world, and what doesn’t! With SaunaFin, you get an expert team at every sauna step–from selecting your dream outdoor sauna to installation, ongoing maintenance, and more!

Your SaunaFin oasis awaits—immerse yourself in the latest sauna trends and revel in sublime relaxation and rejuvenation. Connect with team SaunaFin today to bring luxurious outdoor sauna living to your Los Angeles home!

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