A Guide to Cleaning Your Sauna

Posted on 04 October 2022

If you have the advantage of having your own home sauna, it’s essential to take care of it to maximize longevity and utility. A clean sauna promotes good air quality and ensures a healthy environment for your barrel sauna. Without adequate ventilation, bacteria, germs, or mold can grow and multiply quickly, preventing safe sauna usage. Thankfully, cleaning and maintaining saunas in Toronto doesn’t take much work. A basic cleaning routine can ensure a relaxing and blissful sauna experience. Continue reading for an easy guide for cleaning your home sauna. 

Maintain a squeaky-clean barrel sauna with this easy routine:

After Each Use

barrel saunas TorontoAfter every use, taking a minute to wipe moisture and dirt off the sauna benches is the key to a clean, fresh sauna. Sauna experts recommend using a towel to sit on the sauna benches as it’s more comfortable and prevents sweat or moisture from staining the benches. Use a wet cloth or brush to wipe/scrub the benches and backrests quickly. Leave the sauna door open to air dry the interior. This will keep your home sauna in mint condition for years to come!

Once A Month

Give your sauna a monthly deep clean. Here’s how:

Vacuum, Brush & Wipe: Vacuum, wipe and brush the sauna once a month. Vacuum the interiors to remove dust and debris. Next, gently scrub the sauna benches and walls with a soft brush. You can use a mild soap solution or a homemade green cleaning solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Use a lesser quantity of vinegar if the smell bothers you, or add a drop of your favourite essential oil to enhance the feel and freshness. Remember—never use harsh chemical cleaners in your sauna!  

Tackle Sweat Stains & Dirt Patches: Thoroughly clean any sweat stains or patches in your sauna using a sturdy scrubber or sponge. Use a solution of half a cup of baking soda, one cup of water, and one tablespoon of vinegar. Dip a cloth or sponge in it and apply to the stains. Ring off with warm water. If the benches still look worn-out, gently sand them with fine-grain sandpaper. However, limit the sanding to once a year. 

Clean Accessories: Use the brush and vinegar solution to clean the bucket & ladle. If there is scale formation on the sauna stones, clean them with a mild bleach solution.

Rinse: Use fresh water to rinse the sauna interiors and wipe dry with a clean cloth. For cleaning the exterior of your outdoor sauna in Toronto, simply hose it down. 

Mop the Floor: The sauna floor probably sees the roughest treatment. Show it some TLC—mop it clean with water or the green vinegar solution. Dry with a lint-free mop or floor cloth.

Air it Out: Let your sauna dry by airing it and leaving the doors open. You should also open any sauna vents.

Protect Your Sauna With Regular Cleaning

Given the many benefits of a personal sauna at home, you’ll want your barrel sauna to last a lifetime! So, protect your home sauna with these simple cleaning tips and unwind in the fresh, comforting warmth of your luxury retreat. Connect with the pros at SaunaFin for more advice or information on cleaning and maintaining your sauna in Toronto. 

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