Adding a Sauna to Your Work From Home Routine

Posted on 25 May 2020

/Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people have transitioned to a work from home schedule. With little time to prepare for this significant switch in our professional lives, many people are finding it hard to balance their work and stress. Experts agree that one of the best ways to manage stress while working from home is to establish a regular schedule and ensure that you invest in your physical and mental wellbeing. A great way to split up your day and invest in your mental health is with an at-home sauna! In this post, we have suggested some easy ways to incorporate sauna use into your work from home routine. Whether you choose to use your sauna in the morning or at night, you will be able to improve your rest and relaxation with regular sauna use. 

Sauna Before Work

A sauna session in the morning before you begin your at-home workday can help to stimulate blood flow, improve your breathing, and help you to wake up. An early morning sauna visit can also provide you with a quiet space to stretch, meditate, or take a few moments to envision the day ahead. Many people find that a morning sauna session helps to clear their head and make them feel ready for a productive day at work. When combined with a morning workout routine, an early morning sauna session can help make you ready to tackle anything!

Sauna at Lunch or at the End of the Workday

Working from home can be hard without colleagues and meetings to break up the day and get you out of your desk chair. A quick sauna session during your lunch break or at the end of the workday can help make you feel relaxed and refocused for the remainder of the day. It can serve as a great reminder to stretch and relax your muscles that may be tight from sitting in a chair all morning. 

Another great way to break up the day is to replace your regular commute time with sauna sessions. Right before you begin your workday and immediately afterward you can enjoy a short sauna session to help bookend your desk work. It can help provide a temporary change of scenery from your at-home office or workspace and clearly divide the time between your professional and personal lives.

Sauna Before Bed

Many people benefit from a sauna session before bed to help them unwind, relax, and put aside their daily stress. The warm sauna environment helps to relax both tired muscles and minds. The increased blood flow and reduction in stress can help improve your sleep and ensure you are well rested for the following workday. 

At SaunaFin, we have over fifty years of experience providing indoor and outdoor saunas to customers across Canada. Although our showrooms are currently closed, we are still accepting orders for saunas online, through e-mail and over the phone. For more information about any of our saunas or how you can order one today, contact us at 905-738-4017.


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