Benefits of Hot Yoga in Your Home Sauna

Posted on 16 April 2021

When it comes to home saunas, there are endless opportunities for customizing your sauna design and experience. With sauna kits, you can build a custom home sauna featuring all the bells and whistles you and your family need. One of the most significant benefits of home saunas is the ability to integrate a sauna session into your wellness and workout routines. Before or after your workout, a sauna session can help extend your training session and improve your overall mental and physical health. With a home sauna, you can wear what you want and use your sauna in any way. This freedom allows you to use your sauna for stretching, relaxation, and even hot yoga! Here is a comprehensive guide to using your home sauna for hot yoga sessions.

How to Prepare Your Home Sauna For Hot Yoga

hot yoga in saunaIf you’ve ever been to a hot yoga session, you’ve likely gained the extra benefits of yoga in a hot environment. When it comes to home saunas, if you plan on using your sauna for yoga, it’s a great idea to keep that in mind while choosing your size and design. If you plan on doing hot yoga alone, you can likely pick a small sauna such as a 4’ x 7’ model. However, if you hope to do hot yoga with more than one person, you will need a larger model, such as 7’x7’ sauna.

In terms of the interior of your home sauna, you will want plenty of floor space to do your various poses. Due to the low ceilings of most home saunas, it is easiest to do your yoga session on the sauna floor. The low ceiling helps the sauna heat efficiently and keep a high internal temperature, helping ensure you can sweat during your hot yoga practice. You can customize your sauna kit to feature the interior design of your sauna, including bench arrangement and luxury seating.

Once you purchase your new home sauna, you can get hot yoga practice any time of day. By simply turning on your sauna, you can increase or decrease the heat based on your personal preferences. If you are new to hot yoga, you might want to start at a lower temperature. As you advance your practice and become more comfortable with yoga in your sauna, you can begin to increase the temperature gradually. Over time, you will appreciate your sauna as a safe and relaxing space to find your center and invest in your health and wellbeing. Take a moment to understand your body and find focus in your busy and stressful life.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

High heat naturally loosens the muscles and helps to facilitate stretching. Many people find that hot yoga helps increase their flexibility and improve muscle aches and pains following a workout. Just like any yoga workout, hot yoga can help improve strength and mobility with regular sessions. Many yoga poses work to build core strength and critical areas for improving your stability and mobility. The benefits of hot yoga are a great cross-training tool for runners, dancers, or anyone looking to improve their overall health. Unlike regular yoga, hot yoga also elevates the heart rate to provide a cardio workout while you gain all the strength and flexibility benefits of a standard yoga practice.

Beyond physical benefits, hot yoga can also improve your breathing and find a focus to improve your mental wellbeing. Many people find that a regular yoga practice helps them manage symptoms of depression and anxiety and find ways to focus their minds outside of their work and family. Many yoga practices work to center the mind and body and help you find peace in your everyday life. Relaxation is essential during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as we are all experiencing unusually high levels of stress and anxiety.

Along with any yoga practice, you will also benefit from improved sleep, weight loss, improved posture, and prevention of injury.

One of the benefits of home saunas is the ability to commit to a daily yoga practice. Whether it is 5 minutes or an entire session, you can gain the benefits of daily yoga practice from the comfort of your own home. Save money and time on a membership to an expensive yoga studio and instead enjoy integrating your yoga practise into daily sauna sessions.

Poses You Can Perform In Your Home Sauna

Many yoga poses can be performed in home saunas, depending on your level of experience. Several poses that provide a deep stretch and that you can perform in a sauna include tree pose, Eagle pose, forward bend, and mountain pose. Many homeowners find they can perform vinyasa in their home sauna, including gentle transitions between chaturanga, upward facing dog and downward-facing dog. If you are new to yoga, we recommend trying a beginner practice at a lower temperature. As you advance through your training, you can lengthen your sessions, attempt more advanced poses, and increase the temperature of your sauna. Over time, you will increase your strength and flexibility through your yoga practice, all while making the most of your new home sauna.

At SaunaFin, our sauna kits include all the materials and instructions you need to build a custom indoor or outdoor home sauna. Whether you are looking for a small sauna to add to your home gym or a large backyard sauna for you and your partner to improve your yoga practice, we can help you find the sauna model that fits your lifestyle and budget. Home saunas make it easier than ever to access hot yoga sessions from the comfort of your backyard. There is no better time than now to invest in your health and wellbeing with a brand-new home sauna. SaunaFin’s sauna kits currently ship throughout North America and are installed in home and cottage backyard throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

To get started designing your new home sauna, contact the SaunaFin team at 905-738-4017


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