Preparing for an Outdoor Sauna

Posted on 14 May 2020

As the snow melts and spring begins, you may be planning different ways to spruce up your outdoor living space. Whether in your backyard or at the cottage, a great way to make the most of your space this summer is with a new outdoor sauna! There is no better way to relax than with an easily accessible, spa-quality sauna experience from the comfort of your own home. With the wide variety of sauna sizes and styles available for purchase online, it is easy to find the perfect sauna to fit your yard and budget. However, before building your new outdoor sauna, there are many important considerations. In this post, we have highlighted some of the key steps to follow when preparing for an outdoor sauna. By following these steps, you can easily enjoy your brand-new sauna with minimal hassle.

Where Should Your Sauna be Located?

The first and most important step when preparing for an outdoor sauna is determining where it should go in your backyard. Depending on the size and shape of your yard, a wide variety of sauna models are available to fit the space and your personal style. Outdoor saunas make it easy to host friends and family alike. However, you might not want to take up your entire backyard with a giant sauna. Instead, we recommend selecting the largest sauna that can fit easily in your available backyard space without compromising your budget. Below we have outlined a few of the sauna models available for purchase through SaunaFin.

For Smaller Spaces

Although most of the models available through SaunaFin come in smaller sizes, we recommend the Outdoor Cabin Sauna or raindrop-shaped Pod Sauna as space-saving models. Both types of saunas make a stunning addition to any home or backyard and the smaller sized models seat anywhere from 2-6 individuals. The classic Outdoor Cabin Sauna is one of our most cost-effective models, whereas the unique design of the Pod Sauna adds an extra element of unique style to any backyard. The Pod sauna also features outdoor cooling benches to rest in between sessions. 

For Larger Spaces 

For larger spaces, we recommend our two classic barrel models: the original Barrel Sauna traditional in Scandinavia and the Panoramic Barrel Sauna featuring an acrylic-bubble back for stunning views. Both saunas are available in small and large sizes that can accommodate up to ten or twelve individuals. A fantastic choice for a large backyard or space overlooking the lake at a cottage. 

What are the Important Local Regulations?

Once you have located the perfect spot in your outdoor living space, it is time to consider any rules or regulations that may apply to build a new sauna. In many municipalities, if the sauna is considered a permanent structure, you will likely require a new building permit. Homeowner's associations or state and local building codes may also affect where you can build your new sauna. Before ordering your sauna, it is a good idea to make sure you have acquired the appropriate approval and documentation for the new structure. 

Who Will Use the Sauna?

 As you consider the model of sauna you have selected, it is important to keep in mind who will use the sauna and how often. It is also important to consider if you want to use it year-round or only during the summer months. All these considerations will impact the size of the model you ultimately choose and how it will be constructed and insulated. For example, would you want to bring the sauna with you if you were to move homes in the future? You may want to then purchase a portable sauna model. However, if you are looking to increase your property value, you might consider a more permanent structure. 

How Will You Heat and Control the Sauna?

    Modern sauna models include a variety of customization options, including selecting between different types of heaters and controls. The four main types of sauna heaters are wood, electric, gas, and infrared. Wood heaters are the more traditional option and are great for outdoor saunas that might not have access to electricity (for example at a cottage near the water’s edge). Both electric and gas heaters are similar to the ones you might find in a home and are therefore the more affordable option. Infrared heaters are a newer addition to the sauna experience and can specifically heat bodies within the room instead of the entire space. A more expensive option that is well worth the price! In general, the heat source you select is a matter of preference and budget. Keep in mind whether you can run a gas line or electrical wire out to your sauna before selecting one of those two heating options. 

What Types of Bells and Whistles are You Looking For? 

    When considering your new outdoor sauna, there are many customization options available to improve the overall experience. Advances in technology now allow you to remotely start heating the sauna, a process that would normally take up to thirty minutes. Music, aromatherapy, or lighting technology can then be integrated into the sauna to create a truly immersive experience for you and your guests. An auto-off feature is also essential for any at-home sauna to ensure that if a user falls asleep, the heating process will turn off after a designated period. This is an important feature to ensure the safety of you, your family, and your guests. 

    At SaunaFin, our wide variety of outdoor sauna sizes and styles can help you find the perfect model for your home or cottage. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our showrooms are currently closed but our offices are operational. Any of our outdoor saunas can be ordered online, over the phone, or via e-mail. For more information about what you will need to prepare for an outdoor sauna or for more information on any of our outdoor sauna models, contact our team today at 905-738-4017.

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