Will Sauna Help Me Burn Fat?

Posted on 25 April 2024

In the buffet of life, where the menu sometimes includes a side of unwanted pounds, many are calling for the check, with a whopping 45% of us trying to lose weight. It’s not just about squeezing into those "someday-jeans.” Weight loss can help you feel more confident, energetic, and healthy. Is a sauna up to the task? Sure, you’ll leave every sauna a little lighter, but...

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As spring marches in, so does the chorus of sneezes and sniffles for anyone who sufferers seasonal allergies, such as hay fever. The itchy eyes alone are enough to make anyone reach for the antihistamines and hay fever meds. However, antihistamines can leave you feeling drowsy, increase your appetite, and cause headaches. In the long term, antihistamines can even increase your risk of certain...

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A personal sauna in New York is a blissful blessing, inviting you to leave the chaos behind and embrace sauna secrets of vitality and longevity. Luxuriating in a cabin sauna is more than a hot trend—it boasts potent health advantages, including optimal heart function. Whether you prefer an elegant pre-fab sauna or a rustic barrel, saunas are a natural path to wellness. Join the SaunaFin...

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Does Sauna Increase Testosterone?

Posted on 22 February 2024

People often view testosterone as a champion of masculinity, but this hormone isn’t what it used to be. Curiously, it’s on the decline in both young and older men, with some research suggesting the average 22-year-old man has the testosterone levels of a 67-year-old man back in 2000. Sure, there are plenty of pharmaceutically driven ways to fix this issue, but using time-tested natural...

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In the break-neck speed of modern life, finding moments of relaxation and rejuvenation is more critical than ever. Now imagine a personal wellness oasis within the comfort of your own space. Welcome to the realm of home saunas, where aromatic cedar saunas blend therapeutic well-being and luxurious comfort. Join the SaunaFin experts as we explore the secrets to maximising the health benefits...

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Why Saunas are Great for the Fall

Posted on 29 August 2023

As summer hues slowly transform into the enchanting palette of autumn, the air turns crisper, the leaves more vibrant, and cozy evenings beckon. Fall paints a picturesque landscape, and the allure of relaxing in a luxurious sauna in Chicago is almost irresistible. With customizable sauna kits and prefab outdoor saunas from SaunaFin, assembly & installation is a breeze! Join us as we explore...

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How Steam Therapy Improves Your Sleep

Posted on 25 August 2023

The quest for quality sleep in our modern, fast-paced world can often seem like an elusive dream. Battling the effects of our demanding lifestyles, the constant connectivity, stress, and overstimulation can leave us craving a good night’s rest. While commonly touted sleep tips like avoiding caffeine and establishing a nightly routine are helpful, steam therapy can be an unexpected ally....

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In the wake of the Covid pandemic, investing in your health and wellness is essential. With health vulnerabilities and anxieties at an all-time high, an outdoor or indoor pure cube sauna escape is an ideal way to de-stress and relax. SaunaFin’s Pure Cube range of saunas can create a positive impact on well being and health. In fact, in this era of stress and isolation, an outdoor pure cube...

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