How Long Should I Use my Sauna or Steam Bath?

Posted in Home saunas, on September 01, 2022

Saunas in Toronto are a way of life for many people. From energy boosts in the morning to pure relaxation at the end of the night, a sauna provides you with everything you need to live a blissful lifestyle. Though it can be easy to lay back and spend lots of time inside soaking up the warmth

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How To Customize My Home Sauna

Posted in Home saunas, on August 25, 2022

A home sauna can make your life all the better with health, wellness, and spa-like luxury in the comfort of your home. With countless customizable possibilities in our Dundalk saunas, you can have a sauna like no other! Select from different materials, sizing, lighting, Bluetooth, and wi-fi options.

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The Best Places To Put Your Home Sauna

Posted in Home saunas, on August 16, 2022

Congratulations on taking the wise decision to invest in your health and well-being with a home sauna! Flawless installation is the next step, which leads us to placement consideration for your in-home sauna. Knowing where to put your new home sauna can be tricky with the many placement options

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How To Approach Drinking In Your Sauna

Posted in Home saunas, on August 10, 2022

Hanging out with friends in your home sauna with a beverage in your hands is a weekend dream for many of us. However, one must know that using a sauna while drinking alcohol can be a safety hazard. Many studies reveal that drinking in the sauna can lead to fatal accidents. While saunas in Toronto

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Home Sauna vs. Public Sauna

Posted in Home saunas, on August 02, 2022

With more people joining the sauna wellness trend, saunas in New York are at the center stage of health & wellness. Considering a sauna’s multiple health and therapeutic benefits, they’re on the right track. However, have you ever wondered whether purchasing your own in-home sauna is

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How to Choose the Perfect Home Sauna in New York

Posted in Home saunas, on July 14, 2022

No matter what your life is like, from the size of your home to the demands of your daily life, there’s a home sauna in New York that’s perfect for you. Choose between an indoor or outdoor sauna with customizable sizes, shapes, and extravagant upgrades. Whether you’re out

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Guide to Choosing What to Wear While You Sauna

Posted in Home saunas, on July 13, 2022

The primary goal of any sauna is to bring you relaxation and to enhance your emotional and physical wellbeing. Not to mention, one of the most significant benefits of using indoor pre-fab cabin saunas is that you have all the privacy in the world and can use it whenever you choose. However, one of

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How To Properly Sauna In Your Pure Cube Sauna

Posted in Home saunas, on June 20, 2022

Probably the only time you can get healthier just by sitting is when you’re luxuriating in your indoor or outdoor pure cube sauna. The world has woken up to the incredible health, beauty, and relaxation benefits of saunas, and there’s no looking back.The enveloping heat of a sauna and

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