Common Problems with Outdoor Saunas

Posted on 01 February 2022

outdoor home barrel saunaOutdoor saunas are a stunning combination of the luxury of a personal home sauna and the free-spiritedness of a hot tub. However, like everything else that is man-made, outdoor saunas also have their fair share of problems. These saunas require a little more diligence to preserve the wood from heat, humidity, and other damage as they are placed outside. If you live in a place that experiences scorching summers and freezing winters, you will probably be familiar with the problems discussed below. In this blog, the experts at SaunaFin discuss the common issues associated with Outdoor Saunas.

Humidity & Mold

The first problem is humidity and mold. High humidity levels can cause wooden parts of the sauna to deteriorate and rot. Unfortunately, the high moisture, organic materials, and low lighting of a sauna are a perfect recipe for mold growth! Ensure proper ventilation, clean regularly, and always leave the sauna door open to air-dry the interiors. Apart from plain water, never eat or drink anything inside your home sauna. Using a  dehumidifier can also help counter this problem. 

Overheating & Suffocation

Overheating is another common problem. People tend to heat up their saunas using wood burners or steam generators, leading to overheating. This situation can be avoided by installing a sound ventilation system that ensures even heating and prevents the risk of suffocation. A carbon monoxide detector should also be installed as a safety measure. 

Resin Leakage

Pine or spruce wood is the most frequently used sauna wood due to its low cost and easy availability. However, these woods are prone to resin problems—the high heat of a sauna can melt the natural resin in these woods. This melted resin can ooze out of the sauna wood as a liquid. Don’t panic! The interior of your sauna is made of alder or linden wood that is resin-free, so you can safely enjoy your sauna. The resin issues are mainly in the exterior wood of the outdoor sauna. Using hardwood like alder, poplar, ash, or the thermally modified thermowood may cost more, but it can take care of resin problems in your sauna. 

Roofing Problems

An outdoor sauna is exposed to the elements that can cause roof problems and potential leakage. Consider roof protection if you live in a wet area with particularly harsh climatic conditions. Though outdoor saunas are specifically designed to withstand the vagaries of nature, they aren’t invincible. Roof protection will provide additional coverage and ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor sauna for years. 

Wood Deformation

Another damaging problem in an outdoor sauna is the warping or deformation of wood. As wood is a natural material, harsh climatic conditions, temperature changes, and moisture can cause it to warp, shrink, expand, or even split visibly. Mostly, it is the doors and windows of the sauna that distort or deform. Avoid overheating and use sturdy, deformation-resistant deciduous wood or thermally modified wood to solve warping and deformation issues.

Construction Difficulties

A firm, solid foundation is vital for the safety and longevity of your outdoor sauna. We recommend getting a solid concrete foundation built by an expert. This will ensure a quick & easy installation and prevent future problems due to ground moisture or weight. A DIY outdoor sauna requires at least basic carpentry skills. SaunaFin’s DIY home sauna kits can be used to construct the inside skin of your outdoor sauna. You can easily install it in a shed or cabana in your backyard. However, building the exterior of an outdoor sauna is not for an amateur; instead, order a pre-fabricated luna sauna or the classic barrel sauna from SaunaFin. 

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