Comparing Indoor Sauna Heaters Which is Best?

Posted on 27 October 2017

With more and more homeowners installing home saunas, choosing the right components has become integral in ensuring the best setup. One of the most important components of the sauna is the heater, as it is considered the “heart” of the sauna. For this reason, purchasing a high quality indoor sauna heater, with good features, is a worthwhile investment. What’s most important for the homeowner is to choose wisely, and shop around smartly, based on personal needs and attention to quality.

The Tylö indoor sauna heater

With the fastest heat-up time, the Tylö sauna heater has twin side chambers that maximize airflow, minimize heating time, and save on running cost. In short, no other indoor sauna heater uses less energy. Tylö also has the lowest energy consumption with industry testing that confirms it to be the most energy-efficient sauna heater. Tylö heaters have the most constant “bathing” temperature. With “divided output” these heaters maintain a higher, more consistent temperature. This is unlike other heaters, which constantly cycle on and off, on and off, causing the temperature to swing. Finally, Tylö is the only sauna that manufacturers its own heating elements. Tylö sauna heaters are fabricated with the finest materials – with a solid-cast top and stainless steel stone compartment. As well, the heating elements are of the highest quality, something that is central for long service life, and far less maintenance. Superior performance is ensured with temperature range levels from 40-110°C. Tylö heaters offer optimized water sprinkling. Direct contact between the stones and the heater ensures optimized water sprinkling, along with 100% vaporization. Tylö units also have the perfect quantity of stones matched to output – these are the only sauna heaters on the market that can be safely used with or without stones.

The Sauna Craft indoor sauna heater

Sauna Craft indoor sauna heaters are amongst the most versatile and dependable heaters on the market today. The precisely engineered shell construction allows for enhanced airflow, quicker heat-up time, and energy efficiency (for utility savings). Sauna Craft heaters have been tested and approved for Canadian and USA retail markets. Sauna Craft CW heaters can be mounted either on a straight wall or in a corner position. The rugged construction will provide many years of safe, comfortable, and low cost sauna operation. The heating elements are high quality and low-wattage demand. Finally, there is a built-in high temperature cut-off to ensure complete safety. While all Sauna Craft units come with a reputable warranty (residential or commercial), the Deluxe models feature ultra-long-life elements, and a LIFETIME warranty. These units have been designed specifically for wet and dry use, and with a deeper rock tray that brings sauna rocks much closer to the heating elements. Sauna Craft Deluxe models are fabricated with 100% stainless steel, including the shell, the inner baffles, the frame, and the rock tray. The actual heating elements are 50% longer than the industry standard. Sauna Craft provides the best of everything – quality construction, energy efficiency, and maximum sauna comfort. To learn more about in-home saunas, contact Saunafin Saunas & Steambaths at 1-800-387-7029 or visit the company’s website at www.saunafin.com

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