Does Sauna Increase Testosterone?

Posted on 22 February 2024

People often view testosterone as a champion of masculinity, but this hormone isn’t what it used to be. Curiously, it’s on the decline in both young and older men, with some research suggesting the average 22-year-old man has the testosterone levels of a 67-year-old man back in 2000. Sure, there are plenty of pharmaceutically driven ways to fix this issue, but using time-tested natural methods to reverse this trend is more sustainable than medication. Among these methods, sauna use stands out, particularly high-end models crafted by the sauna company, SaunaFin.

Here’s why regular sauna sessions may heat up your testosterone levels and offer the real muscle behind this masculine hormone.  

Why Do You Want Sauna to Increase Testosterone? 

cedar sauna companyTestosterone is the ultimate precursor to general well-being for both men and women. In men, testosterone regulates libido, muscle mass, strength, fat distribution, sperm, and the production of red blood cells. In women, though found in smaller amounts than men, testosterone combined with estrogen helps create the hormones needed for a regular menstrual cycle and bone health. While testosterone is often viewed as a male-only hormone, both genders need the right amounts of it to feel energized, healthy, and happy. Fortunately, the therapeutic time spent in a sauna may offer some help with the production of testosterone in both genders, one sweat session at a time. 

Can Sauna Decrease Testosterone? 

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence about sauna’s ability to increase testosterone, though the scientific research on this is mixed. You may have heard that heat and a man’s neither region are not on the friendliest terms, but there are exceptions. Men who are new to spending time in a sauna may experience a slight decrease in sperm production, but this is temporary and will not impact fertility, found a paper in Current Opinion in Endocrine and Metabolic Research. The same effect held true for women. It’s believed this is due to the initial stress created by being in a sauna if someone is not a regular user. This heat stress is where most of the benefits come from once you use and relax in a sauna regularly. Taking one sauna every few weeks has more of a shocking one-off effect. However, when you regularly embrace the heat stress, your body learns to relax and adapt, which kick-starts the cascade of testosterone-boosting benefits.  

How Sauna Increases Testosterone 

Heat stress, a core element of enjoying time in a home sauna, is pivotal to keeping your testosterone in optimum health. When athletes regularly alternated between 12 minutes in a sauna and 1 minute in cold water, levels of the stress hormone cortisol decreased and testosterone increased slightly, found a paper in the American Journal of Men’s Health. The bump in testosterone wasn’t huge, but the lower cortisol levels did make a difference. Cortisol and testosterone work together in a push-and-pull feedback loop. High levels of cortisol can block testosterone’s influence, especially around competition and domination, explains research at The University of Texas. Chronic long-term stress lowers testosterone, while acute periods of stress can increase testosterone levels by kick-starting your fight or flight responses to challenging situations. This perspective means a small amount of stress, like regular 20-minute sauna sessions, can have a powerful impact on your levels of these hormones. 

The Role of Stress Reduction

The cortisol released during stressful situations can inhibit testosterone synthesis, which is why your sauna kits or outdoor saunas should be a luxurious sanctuary where your worries melt away, and relaxation prevails. The soothing warmth and solitude of time spent in the sauna are some of the most potent ways to decompress from the world's pressures. While saunas may create some short-term heat stress, they generate a long-term boost to your mental psychology that can reduce negative mood, alleviate anxiety, and even help with depression, found research in Internal Medicine. These gifts offer your body the ultimate recovery tool that will positively affect your testosterone levels over time. To harness the complete testosterone-boosting potential of a sauna, consistency, and moderation are key. SaunaFin recommends a balanced approach – regular sessions interspersed with cool-down periods, ensuring the body does not overheat. This practice aligns with findings published in Experimental Gerontology, which suggest that repeated sauna use puts your responses to stress in the Goldilocks zone. Not too much, but just the right amount. 

Saunas Create Holistic Testosterone Increases

Testosterone doesn’t operate in a bubble. You optimize your levels if you’re healthy, eating correctly, and exercising properly. Your heart is the north star of this health because saunas are powerful at promoting cardiovascular well-being. The heat experienced during a sauna session dilates blood vessels, which enhances circulation and can lead to decreased blood pressure, improving your heart health, according to a paper in BMC Medicine. In both men and women, the more sauna sessions they had each week, the lower their chances of getting cardiovascular disease. For athletes and anyone who loves to play sports or exercise, saunas are invaluable for getting the recovery needed to keep testosterone raised. The penetrating heat helps relax muscles, may alleviate soreness, and reduces inflammation, enabling quicker healing for the next day’s session. The luxurious environment of a high-end SaunaFin sauna kit or prefab sauna amplifies these health benefits, providing a serene space to unwind, rejuvenate, and amplify testosterone. Adding regular sauna sessions to your wellness regimen means you’re not just elevating your hormonal balance but also embracing a more comprehensive approach to your overall health. 

Sauna and Your Testosterone

The symphony of factors such as heat stress, improved circulation, and stress reduction guide the intricate dance between sauna use and increased testosterone levels. The high-end saunas crafted by SaunaFin have long been celebrated as an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. They offer a pathway to enhanced well-being through natural hormonal balance. Direct scientific evidence linking sauna use to increased testosterone is still evolving. That said, the benefits of regular sauna sessions in a controlled, high-quality environment are an undeniable way of adding to your testosterone and overall sense of well-being.  

Your journey to sublime tranquility and wellness begins with SaunaFin!

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