Guide to Best Year-Round Outdoor Sauna Experience

Posted on 30 May 2023

Saunas are a great way to relax, disconnect and enjoy the comforting heat surrounding you. Indeed, outdoor saunas are not only meant to be used during warm seasons, but throughout all seasons. It is often best to indulge in a hot sauna when it’s cold outside. Saunas in Chicago are a great way to relax, indulge in a wellness activity, and unwind from hectic city life. Let’s explore how to ensure you get the best year-round experience from your outdoor sauna. SaunaFin is a leader in the sauna industry and has sold thousands of indoor and outdoor saunas across Canada and The United States.

Read on to learn how to take advantage of your outdoor sauna year-round.

Outdoor Saunas Are Excellent for Your Primary Residence

outdoor saunas ChicagoOften people think outdoor saunas are best suited for their cottages and summer properties; however, this is not true. Outdoor saunas are great for all seasons, and yes, they are great for cottages, but if you don’t have an all-season cottage or own a cottage at all, you can place an outdoor sauna on the same property as your primary residence.

If you don’t have the space for an indoor sauna or simply prefer it outdoors, you can use it year-round without exception. Saunas are excellent for all seasons and will help you maintain a consistent routine all year.

Enhance your Sauna Experience

It might be worth your while to have some specialized sauna attire close to your door, whether it be slippers, a robe or something warmer for the winter, so when you transition in and out of your sauna, you are not impacted by the outside climate.

You can also face your outdoor sauna’s window towards a garden, lake or anywhere with an appealing view.

Feel free to create a zone for relaxation within your sauna that will entice you to use it regularly. Enhance your sauna experience with relaxing music, healing aromatherapy and beautiful candles.  

Use Your Sauna for Social Activities

Saunas in Chicago are a luxury, so you can opt to host a friend or family member to enjoy a sauna experience as something to do rather than going out. Save money and time in traffic and indulge in a wellness experience. Incorporating your sauna as part of your social life allows you to fit your sauna into your routine, whether alone or with people. 

Saunas are lovely to enjoy alone, but you can use them intermittently with friends and family if you own one. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who will decline your sauna invite. 

Outdoor saunas complement outdoor hot tubs and pools as well, so after a swim or dip in the hot tub, you can enter your sauna. 

SaunaFin for Your Outdoor Sauna

SaunaFin has been helping people introduce saunas and steam baths into their homes or properties for the last 60 years. SaunaFin has become a reliable source for saunas as we provide top-quality products and exceptional customer service. After over 6 decades in the business, you can rest assured that you will always receive a durable, long-lasting sauna or steam bath.

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