Guide to Powering Your Outdoor Sauna

Posted on 14 December 2023

Picture a crisp morning or a starlit evening in the tranquil embrace of a luxurious outdoor sauna sanctuary. Cocooned in nature’s lap, outdoor sauna kits offer unparalleled relaxation and therapeutic wellness. They elevate the traditional sauna experience, making it a journey into serenity and nature. While the ambiance of an outdoor sauna is vital, the power source is the heartbeat that keeps it alive. The right heating choice ensures efficiency, sustainability, and a seamless sauna experience. Whether you opt for convenient electric units or the rustic wood-burning charm, your sauna power source can unleash the full potential of your outdoor oasis. Let the SaunaFin experts guide you through the advantages and considerations of electrical and wood-burning power options. 

Electric Sauna Heaters

Guide to Powering Your Outdoor SaunaOpting for an electric sauna heater brings remarkable convenience, often at a lower long-term cost compared to wood-fired alternatives. The instantaneous heat, easy installation, operation, and minimal maintenance make it a compelling choice. The absence of a need for a chimney reduces costs and also conserves valuable space. Mounting an electric outdoor sauna stove on a wall can maximize your sauna space while enhancing the overall efficiency of your outdoor sauna setup.

For optimal power efficiency in electric sauna heaters, SaunaFin recommends a three-phase power connection. However, practical constraints guide sauna kit construction in an off-grid oasis on a lakeside or remote property. A wood heater might emerge as the more viable option in such scenarios. 

Safety is non-negotiable when dealing with electricity. Learn the best practices for installation, wiring, and maintenance to ensure the longevity of your outdoor sauna. Explore energy-efficient tips to reduce your carbon footprint while maximizing the benefits of your sauna oasis.

SaunaFin offers the best-in-range sauna heaters to complement your outdoor sauna. Choose from the exceptional Tylo Brand Swedish sauna heaters with a ‘thermoflux’ outer shell and a stainless steel inner well. The sturdy and economical Canadian Sauna Craft heaters promise trouble-free sauna enjoyment. Or try the Saaku TyloHelo sauna heaters with built-in controls and steel shells for outdoor and pre-fab saunas.

Wood-Burning Power

The timeless allure of the Finnish wood-burning tradition holds a unique appeal for sauna lovers. A wood-burning power source epitomizes sauna authenticity for those seeking a connection to tradition and a back-to-basics approach. The distinct aroma of burning wood, the crackling sounds, and the sense of self-sufficiency create a unique sauna experience. 

Wood-burning saunas offer a warmth of authenticity, embracing a fusion of tradition and modern safety in classic Finnish sauna tradition. The stove in modern wood-burning heaters is enclosed to prevent potential burns. Adding an ingenious easy-start thermostat has transformed the outdoor sauna heating process into a seamless ritual devoid of the need for constant fire tending.

When opting for a wood-fired sauna stove, it’s critical to note that these stoves generate higher temperatures than electric sauna heaters. So, steer clear of flammable materials like the interior timber cladding in the walls. Specialized safety barriers can prevent heat radiation from impacting the vulnerable wooden components within the sauna.

If you prefer to feed the wood-burning heater from outside the sauna room, select a wood heater that draws its supply from an adjacent space. This could be a room designated for changing or a resting area, offering a practical solution to enhance safety and convenience.

Safety is paramount when harnessing the power of fire. Correct installation, maintenance, and safety precautions are essential to ensure a secure wood-burning sauna experience. 

Sauna Heater Stones

An authentic outdoor “sauna experience” is incomplete without the quaint heater stones that affect ‘Löyly’ (sauna humidity) and the indoor temperature. Sauna heater stones must be resistant to temperature fluctuations. They also need to be dense enough to store heat energy effectively. Choose sauna stones that do not emit harmful fumes when exposed to high temperatures. Larger sauna heater stones provide prolonged heat retention and better steam production but slower initial heating. Personal preferences and the sauna design also affect the overall experience.

The unique properties of varied sauna stones can dramatically alter the sauna experience. Softer stones like soapstone and sandstone emit a distinct aroma on heating. Harder stones like granite and basalt have better heat resistance and take longer to heat but retain it for a long time. Olivine and quartz add a stunning aesthetic and heat up quickly. After heating, quartz also releases minerals into the sauna air that provide therapeutic health benefits. 

Tips for Choosing an Ideal Sauna Heater

  • Rapid Heating: An optimal sauna heater should achieve desired temperatures within 45-60 minutes of operation. A thirty-minute heating span is considered exceptional. SaunaFin’s powerful range offers super efficiency and a trouble-free sauna experience.
  • Robust Stainless Steel Construction: Quality sauna heaters should be crafted from stainless steel, offering corrosion resistance and durability. The durable, thick stainless steel ensures sustained performance and longevity.
  • Safety Features: A good sauna healer should include a protective heat shield to prevent accidental burns. An overheating safety fuse is a must to ensure user safety during operation. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal: An ideal good sauna heater should offer functionality and enhance the visual allure of your sauna. 

Power Takeaway

Your outdoor sauna journey is incomplete without thoughtful consideration of its power source that shapes the essence of your relaxation oasis. Whether you lean towards the modern convenience of electricity or the timeless charm of wood-burning, understanding the benefits, requirements, and safety measures will ensure a harmonious sauna experience. The choice of the heater in your sauna kit also defines your nature-connect, the authenticity of the experience, and the sustainability of your choices. Choose wisely, for the power that fuels your beloved sauna is the heartbeat of your sanctuary.

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