Home Sauna vs. Public Sauna

Posted on 02 August 2022

With more people joining the sauna wellness trend, saunas in New York are at the center stage of health & wellness. Considering a sauna’s multiple health and therapeutic benefits, they’re on the right track. However, have you ever wondered whether purchasing your own in-home sauna is better than getting a public sauna membership? With high subscription rates, buying a home sauna may be a better option—it saves money, time and lasts a lifetime! With easy-to-assemble DIY sauna kits from SaunaFin, more homeowners opt for in-home saunas. 

Read on to explore the best sauna option for you.

Public Sauna Vs. In-home Sauna

saunas New YorkPublic saunas can be traced back to the Finns when they were a gathering point for relaxing and socializing. Most public saunas today can be found in spas, public pools, gyms, or salons. One can enjoy the wellness benefits of a shared sauna with membership or per-use payment. Take a shower before using a public sauna, and bring your own towel.

In-home saunas are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners as they come with the comfort and convenience of home. While public saunas in NYC offer similar benefits, they cannot beat the perks of having a personal home sauna! 

Benefits of an In-home Sauna

Comfort & Convenience: Perhaps the biggest plus for a home sauna is the comfort and convenience. You can choose when you want to sauna–no need to sync your sauna bath with your gym sessions or the opening/closing hrs. You don’t have to get dressed, leave the house, battle traffic, or jostle crowds to access your sauna. You can step into the comforting warmth of your in-house sauna at any time. Enjoy a de-stressing session at the end of a hard day for deep sleep afterward, or supercharge your day with an early morning session. 

Fewer Hygiene and Cross-Contamination Worries: Sharing a sauna bath in the backdrop of the pandemic can be unsettling. An in-home sauna saves you from the worry about hygiene standards of the last person using a public sauna in New York. You can relax and unwind in your home sauna without concerns about cross-contamination at the public sauna. 

Privacy: Not everyone is comfortable with sharing a public sauna with strangers or acquaintances. A home sauna assures you of utmost privacy. You can choose to go solo, share an intimate sauna date, or have a sauna party with family or friends. Indulge in uninterrupted me-time—de-stress and unwind without having to make polite conversation. You can enjoy the privacy of your home sauna.

Customization: Most public saunas in NYC are set to provide a consistent experience to suit a large number of people. They usually standardize the sauna environment—a standard temperature, heating, or steam setting. A home sauna can be customized to your needs; set the temperature to your comfort level, and add sauna accessories like sauna lights, aromatherapy oils, or ergonomic benches. 

Lesser Cost: While the upfront cost of a home sauna may seem a lot, it costs less than an expensive gym & sauna membership in the long run. The gyms sometimes charge extra to include sauna sessions in your membership. Potentially, a public sauna may cost much more than an in-home sauna. 

Gorgeous In-home Saunas from SaunaFin

Now that you know the many benefits of an in-home sauna choose one from SaunaFin’s elegant range of in-home saunas and DIY sauna kits. Whether you’re looking for contemporary or traditional, indoor or outdoor, SaunaFin promises a luxurious spa-like retreat in the cozy convenience of your home. 

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