How Long Should I Use my Sauna or Steam Bath?

Posted on 01 September 2022

Saunas in Toronto are a way of life for many people. From energy boosts in the morning to pure relaxation at the end of the night, a sauna provides you with everything you need to live a blissful lifestyle. Though it can be easy to lay back and spend lots of time inside soaking up the warmth and steam, it's important to be aware of the amount of time spent in your home sauna for health and safety reasons. Before your next steam session, knowing how long you should spend in your sauna or steam room is crucial.

Here's how long you should stay in your sauna or steam bath.

How Long Should I Spend in my Sauna?

saunas TorontoIt's easy for time to pass and to spend a reasonable amount of time in your sauna or steam bath. Closing your eyes and lying down can be life-changing as your body becomes relaxed and less tense. Although, ensuring you don't overdo it is significant for your physical well-being. Before using your steam generator or home sauna, you should consider a few things such as skill level, your reason for use, and knowing the maximum amount of time you should spend. It's easy to dehydrate when you're sweating, so staying hydrated is vital for sauna use. In addition, your experience level is a determining factor for how long you should spend in your sauna.

Beginners: At SaunaFin, we always recommend that beginners always take precautions. If it's your first time using a sauna or steam bath, try 5 minutes or less, and gradually increase your time. Most people tend to find it easier to stay longer once you have used it enough.

Intermediate: For those moderately experienced with saunas and steam baths, 10-20 minutes is the suggested time. When dehydrated, your body can shut down, causing you to feel dizzy, nauseous, and extremely thirsty. Though these symptoms are generally for extreme cases, it's always essential to know the risks associated with sauna and steam bath use. 

Experienced: For those who are experienced and use their sauna most days, 30-45 minutes is the recommended time. Those who regularly use the sauna are most likely accustomed to the heat and steam - making it much easier to stay in longer. 

Signs You May Be Staying in for Too Long

Though tolerance for the sauna's heat is entirely personal, it depends on how familiar you are with sauna use, your level of hydration, and your physical condition on a specific day. When using the sauna, pay attention to these common warning signs indicating it may be time to end your session. 

  • Feeling dizzy, light-headed or faint
  • Heart racing
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Difficulty breathing or chest pain
  • Feeling uneasy, anxious or claustrophobic 

If you experience any of these signs, exit the sauna/shower or open the door to gradually let it cool down. 

Premium Sauna Kits & Steam Generators at SaunaFin

Saunas in Toronto are becoming more popular for those living busy lifestyles and looking for a place where they can relax. At SaunaFin, we offer a large variety of home saunas and steam generators, so you can choose one that best suits you and your needs. We also provide thermostats and sand timers so you can monitor your sauna temperature and use.

It's never too late to start your sauna journey with the team at SaunaFin.


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