How To Approach Drinking In Your Sauna

Posted on 10 August 2022

Hanging out with friends in your home sauna with a beverage in your hands is a weekend dream for many of us. However, one must know that using a sauna while drinking alcohol can be a safety hazard. Many studies reveal that drinking in the sauna can lead to fatal accidents. While saunas in Toronto are a health and wellness blessing, be aware of the risks associated with drinking in a sauna. 

Read on to know why alcohol and saunas are not mixology buddies.

saunas TorontoSauna for the Soul & Body

An authentic sauna bath is a blissful experience, bringing health, peace and joy to the body and soul. Home saunas pack a power punch of benefits with their coveted heat & sweat therapy:

  • Relief from chronic pain, inflammation, and musculoskeletal pain
  • Relaxation, stress reduction, and sleep improvement
  • Better circulation & cardiovascular health
  • Improved metabolism & weight loss
  • Boost in immunity
  • Relief in congestion & related allergies
  • Better mental & cognitive health
  • Detoxification & better skin health 

Sauna & Drinking—Why You Should Be Careful 

While a sauna party may be the current buzzword, remember that saunas and alcohol cannot go together. Studies indicate that drinking before or during a sauna session can cause accidents, injuries, and more. Here’s why drinking alcohol and sauna bathing is not a good idea.  

  • Sauna heat increases body temperature and heart rate, making the heart work harder to circulate blood. Consuming alcohol can place even more stress on the heart and the liver and may cause heart attacks.
  • Alcohol intoxication inside a sauna can increase the chances of slips, sprains, and more. 
  • Sweating in a home sauna and drinking puts you at a higher dehydration risk. Alcohol has a diuretic effect and can cause dehydration on its own. Drinking can exacerbate the water loss caused by the sauna heat. It may even cause the alcohol to affect your senses more quickly than it usually would. 
  • If you sleep or pass out in a sauna, head trauma, heat stroke, and other fatalities are possible.
  • Improper equipment handling under the influence of alcohol may cause burns and other such injuries. 

There is also a misconception that saunas can cure a hangover. However, the hard fact is that sauna bathing can worsen your hangover. There are better ways to treat a hangover; try drinking cold lemon water, bland food, or a refreshing shower. 

While some sauna enthusiasts swear by a pint of chilled beer, we do not recommend mixing sauna bathing and alcohol. Why not have a relaxing sauna session and gorge on the scrumptious food and drinks afterwards? Switch that glass of wine or a beer with a glass of water or any cool beverage. Continue the celebration after your sauna—just wait till your body temperature returns to normal and hydrate with water. 

Saunas offer multiple wellness benefits, but as the body is already under heat stress, avoiding alcohol before, immediately after, and during a sauna session is best. 

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