Everything You Need to Know About Operating Your Sauna

Posted on 09 October 2020

sauna heaterIf you are a new sauna owner, you may be seeking advice on the best way to set-up and use your sauna. Many homeowners are excited by the prospect of a home sauna and easy access to all the sauna benefits. However, many new sauna owners are not sure what temperature to use, how long to stay in the sauna, and what to wear. In this blog post we have conveniently collected all the tips and tricks you need for using your new sauna.  

When is the Best Time to Use Your Sauna?

With a home sauna, you can choose to use your sauna any time of day. By integrating sauna use into your daily fitness or wellness routine, you can gain all the sauna benefits including reduced stress and inflammation. Many people choose to use their sauna in the morning to help them wake-up and prepare for the day ahead. Others choose to use their sauna at night to relax and unwind. Using a sauna post-workout can also help to relieve muscle aches and pains and improve the recovery process.

What Temperature Should I Set My Sauna?

At-home sauna heaters make it easier than ever to customize your sauna experience. Types of sauna heaters include wood-burning, electric, and infrared and each can be used to create a unique sauna environment. The higher the temperature of a sauna, the shorter you should make your sauna session. For anyone who is a first-time sauna user, you may want to start with a lower temperature. More experienced sauna users can crank up the heat and soak up all the sauna benefits.

What Should I Wear in My Sauna?

With an at-home sauna, you can be flexible in what you choose to wear. Unlike at a gym or spa, you can choose to wear nothing or a loose cotton towel. No matter what you choose to wear, we recommend wearing loose, non-synthetic layers that will help to wick sweat from the body and protect seats and backrests from staining. Avoid wearing metal jewelry that can heat up and burn the skin.

How Long Should I Stay in My Sauna?

The length of time you spend in your sauna should depend on its temperature and your personal preference. We usually recommend spending between 10-30 minutes in your home sauna, but you can alternate between hot and cold environments for about three sessions at a time.

Safety Tips

Other safety tips for using your home sauna include avoiding the sauna if you are ill or pregnant. It is also important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sessions.

At SaunaFin, we sell a range of sauna material kits that conveniently package all the supplies you need to build a custom home sauna. You can select between a range of sauna heaters and accessories. Once you have installed your new home sauna, you can gain all the sauna benefits from regular use. For more information on any of our sauna kits, contact SaunaFin today at 905-738-4017.

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