The Sauna Wood Burning Stove For the Sauna Enthusiast

Posted on 28 October 2017

A sauna wood burning stove, sometimes referred to as a wood burning heater, is considered to be the “traditional” sauna experience, and much preferred by sauna enthusiasts around the world. Offering softer heat and softer steam, the sauna wood burning stove is designed to use wood as fuel instead of electricity. A sauna wood burning stove allows for very effective flame circulation, which heats up the sauna rocks evenly, enabling the sauna to warm up quickly.

With a sauna wood burning stove, heat is very efficiently transferred to the sauna rocks. The result is a softer heat than other saunas, with excellent efficiency ratio – in other words, more heat is generated, with less wood consumed. These types of heaters are the so-called original heaters, still preferred by serious sauna enthusiasts. They have been specifically designed for sauna use – it’s simply a matter of starting a fire, letting the sauna room heat, and enjoying.

Because a sauna wood burning stove requires no electrical power, the sauna itself can be set up virtually anywhere - the cottage, the beach house, a remote location, or even at home. At Saunafin Saunas & Steambaths, the wood burning heater of choice is Mikka. Mikka sauna heaters are made in Canada, with heavy gauge steel construction, large rock capacity, and a deep fire chamber. The heaters burn hot, but without leaving much ash. The accessible ashtray makes for easy removal.

Outdoor Saunas from Saunafin Saunas & Steambaths

For outdoor saunas, Saunafin offers three types - the Modular, the Barrel, and the Log Style Cabin.

The MODULAR sauna is constructed in much the same was as the indoor pre-fab sauna, with insulated cedar panels that are screwed together. The outside walls are constructed with lined cedar, and only available in clear western red cedar. The roof is peaked.

The BARREL sauna is distinctively styled, made for outdoor use exclusively. There is no need for a roof. These saunas are built with the highest quality clear western red cedar, but available in eastern knotty cedar for those customers with a more limited budget.

The CABIN sauna is constructed with the highest quality clear western red cedar (also available in eastern knotty cedar). They are custom-profiled, using the latest CNC technologies to ensure a perfect fit. CABIN saunas come with two tier benches and a peaked roof.

Also available from Saunafin are OUTDOOR material sauna kits – basically the same type of kit as the STANDARD material kit. Sauna kits comprise the materials for the inside "skin" of a sauna, and therefore ideal for outdoor sauna construction, wherever the location.

Saunafin provides kits, heaters, and accessories in the Greater Toronto Area, and throughout the Golden Horseshoe. Whatever the need, Saunafin will have something to offer:  built-in units, pre-fab kits, and even portable saunas. Saunafin is a "brick and mortar" company and an online seller.

To find out more about products and services, call Saunafin directly at 1-800-387-7029, or visit the company’s website at http://www.saunafin.com

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