The Advantages of a Two-Person Pure Cube Sauna

Posted on 02 August 2021

indoor pure cube sauna canadaIn 2020, Dundalk LeisureCraft released a new line of sauna products: the Pure Cube sauna collection. The collection has quickly become a popular favourite in both the USA and Canada. Private and aesthetically pleasing, Pure Cube saunas are small, efficient, relaxing spaces that we can customize to your desires.  

Cozy but mighty, Pure Cube saunas are the perfect mini-escape from the everyday. Pure Cube saunas might be smaller than a regular sauna, but the health benefits are the same. You can truly relax and enjoy yourself in a sauna built for two. 

There are two models of indoor Pure Cube saunas, which will be explained in greater detail below. Keep reading to find out more about indoor Pure Cube saunas, or contact the experts at SaunaFin to learn more so you can get started immediately on your journey to the health and wellness benefits of a sauna.

Want to learn more about the advantages of a two-person pure cube sauna? Please keep reading!

Types of Pure Cube Saunas

There are two choices for two-person pure cube saunas: the Pure Cube 2 person indoor PU550 and the Pure Cube 2 person outdoor CU550.

Pure Cube 2 person indoor PU550

The Pure Cube 2 person indoor sauna is an attractive design with a full glass door and a large window panel on the front wall. If you’re looking for a more private sauna experience, there are optional semi-private panels. This sauna is easy-to-assemble, using wall and roof panels, solid cedar benches, and a duckboard floor. This sauna model comfortably seats two adults and comes with an electric heater. Great for couples or small families, the Pure Cube 2 person sauna is comfortable and cozy.

Pure Cube 2 person outdoor CU550

The Pure Cube 2 person outdoor sauna embraces the beautiful Canadian outdoors with a tempered glass window and full glass door. Luxury is the name of the game with this pre-built sauna kit. Much like the other sauna, this model comes with easy-to-assemble roof and wall panels, with optional semi-private panels. This sauna comes with an electric heater only and is designed to seat two adults. Pamper yourself and a friend with this exquisite outdoor sauna.

Indoor Pure Cube Sauna Features

The Pure Cube 2 person indoor sauna features sustainably harvested Clear Western Red Cedar, a glass sauna door comprising 10mm bronze tempered glass. This sauna has stainless steel hinges and a customized door handle, and fully enclosed two-tier benches. Upgrade your sauna and elevate your experience by adding semi-privacy features, different heaters, and sauna accessories.

Reasons to Buy A Pure Cube Sauna

There are many reasons to invest in a Pure Cube sauna. The relaxation and health benefits are undeniable. Here are just a few ways a sauna can improve your life and quality of living:

  • Relaxation-- relax to the max in your own stress-free, private environment. If you don’t want to share your space, you don’t have to, unlike the sauna at the fitness centre or gym. Detach from the day and feel relaxed, leaving stressors at the door. Heating up and then cooling down your body releases endorphins known to elicit feelings of happiness and comfort.
  • Cardiovascular Health-- your heart rate increases in a sauna, akin to moderate exercise. This improves circulation, as blood vessels widen to allow blood to move more freely through your body. The sauna experience can help with sore muscles and improve joint movement and mobility. People with chronic conditions like arthritis will feel relief.
  • Toxin Release-- spending even a small amount of time in a sauna, you can lose about a pint of sweat. Toxins that have settled in your skin are released, such as cadmium, arsenic, and lead. Along with regular exercise, regular sessions in the sauna may aid in weight loss.

Now that you know more about Pure Cube saunas, you can assess which model is suitable for you. Start enjoying regular sauna sessions, reap the health benefits, and enjoy the escape from the everyday grind. Feel your stress melt away as your mind detoxifies and your body literally detoxifies.

Need help? Want additional information? Please reach out to our experts at SaunaFin to help you get started on your sauna journey to relaxation and wellness.

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