The Best Places To Put Your Home Sauna

Posted on 16 August 2022

Congratulations on taking the wise decision to invest in your health and well-being with a home sauna! Flawless installation is the next step, which leads us to placement consideration for your in-home sauna. Knowing where to put your new home sauna can be tricky with the many placement options available. Whether you install inside or outside, upstairs or downstairs—the possibilities with home saunas in Montreal are endless.

If you’re unsure of where you want to place your sauna, continue reading.

home saunaIndoor Placement Options

An indoor sauna can be quick and convenient, especially when you value privacy and don’t wish to step outside. Indoor home saunas in Montreal are easier to access in all conditions; come rain or snow, you need not worry about roofing, weatherproof exteriors or regular maintenance. With wiring and water access, an indoor sauna can be placed in most areas of your home. Install one in the bathroom of your small apartment, or dedicate an entire room for a luxurious personal sauna spa! Here are some sauna spots that can work for your indoor sauna: 

  • Bathrooms
  • Any spare room
  • Storage closet 
  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Upstairs 

Outdoor Placement Options

An outdoor sauna can be a perfect getaway for home sauna enthusiasts—a tranquil, relaxing space in your backyard! An adjacent pool for a refreshing dip post sauna sounds like the epitome of luxury! Outdoor saunas require adequate space, privacy, proximity to power, and preferably, a structure to shield the sauna exterior from the elements. Place your home sauna outdoors if you plan on having a large sauna (think sauna bashes!) or want space for an invigorating hot yoga session! If you have a cottage in the mountains, take your sauna outdoors—feast your eyes on the majestic mountains or a scenic lakeside. Outdoor sauna spots include:

  • Backyard
  • Home Garage
  • Patio
  • Poolside
  • Deck

Home Sauna Placement Considerations 

Consider the following when choosing your home sauna spot:

Flooring: If you’re building your own home sauna, choose floors made of stone, concrete, or wood. Prefab saunas already have cedar or other hardwood that can withstand the rigours of sauna use. Ensure that the sauna is placed on a level and sturdy surface. 

Power Access: Your home sauna should have easy access to power. Double check connections and ensure the wiring is clear of water or other hazards. Involve a licensed electrician for wiring a DIY sauna or placing it outdoors. 

Moisture Control: Provide adequate drainage for the sauna so that water does not accumulate around the sauna. 

Access to Shower/Pool: A traditional Finnish sauna is incomplete without a refreshing dip in the lake!—replicate the effect by placing your sauna near a shower or pool.

Start Your Sauna Journey with a Home Sauna from SaunaFin

We know you’ll love its many benefits no matter where you install your home sauna. In-home saunas from SaunaFin come with ease of use, convenience, and comfort that is impossible with a public sauna in a gym or spa. Reap the therapeutic benefits of a bespoke home sauna from SaunaFin—from increased metabolism and immunity to better cardiac and respiratory health! Add a dash of luxury and wellness with a home sauna in Montreal. 

Reach out to the experts at SaunaFin to create your personal wellness sanctuary today!


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