The Dos and Don'ts of Installing a Home Sauna in Los Angeles

Posted on 27 May 2024

Home saunas in Los Angeles offer an exclusive personal retreat from the urban grind. And with noteworthy wellness benefits, sauna kits, and prefab saunas are a coveted addition to your LA home. So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to purchase a gorgeous new sauna. It only needs ordering and installation. However, achieving the perfect sauna sanctuary requires careful planning and correct installation. The SaunaFin pros have put together essential dos and don’ts of new sauna installation to ensure a serene relaxation haven.home sauna in los angeles

Dos of Installing a Home Sauna 

  • Choose the Right Location for the Sauna: Selecting the perfect sauna spot is the first step towards home sauna bliss! Ideally, it should be a place that offers both privacy and convenience. Popular location choices for a home sauna in Los Angeles include the spa room, the home gym or bathroom, or upgrading your basement or garage with a nifty sauna kit. Outdoor sauna installations are also a super choice for the mild Los Angeles climate. Ensure the sauna location is accessible yet secluded enough for a tranquil experience.
  • Consider the Size of the Sauna Based on Available Space: With premium real estate costs, space planning is essential for your abode. Measure your available area and choose a roomy sauna size for a comfortable oasis. Sauna kits and custom saunas can accommodate different sizes. Choose from compact models designed for one or two people to larger group-size saunas according to your sauna goals and available space. Remember, a sauna that’s too cramped can be uncomfortable. At the same time, an overly large one can be an energy drainer and inefficient to heat.
  • Select the Appropriate Sauna Type: You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to types of home saunas in Los Angeles. Soak in the healing heat of a traditional Finnish sauna and build up that mystical löyly’ for the authentic sauna experience. The futuristic infrared saunas provide a gentler heat that penetrates deeply, while steam saunas offer moist therapeutic heat and steam. Explore your options or contact the SaunaFin team for guidance to select a bespoke sauna sanctuary curated for your sauna-spa preferences and health goals. 
  • Opt for Professional Installation: DIY projects can be rewarding, and SaunaFin’s complete sauna kits make installation easier. Yet, choosing professional installation ensures everything is done correctly—and safely. An expert can handle electrical connections and ensure proper ventilation. (And adhere to local building codes!) Professional home sauna installation will prevent costly mistakes and ensure an enduring, restorative escape.

 Don’ts of Installing a Home Sauna 

  • Don’t Install the Sauna in a Damp Area: Avoid placing your sauna in areas prone to dampness or high humidity, like a basement without proper moisture control. Over time, excess moisture can damage the sauna materials and provide a fertile environment for mold growth.
  • Don’t Place the Heater near the Wall: Put the sauna heater in a central location, away from the sauna walls or furniture. The placement should allow convenient access to heater controls.
  • Don’t Neglect Ventilation: Correct sauna ventilation is critical for performance and safety. Inadequate ventilation can cause overheating and reduce air quality, leading to an uncomfortable experience and possible health risks. Ensure your sauna design includes intake vents and exhausts that facilitate air exchange. Also, see that the fan and vents are correctly sized for your home sauna in Los Angeles. A small exhaust fan cannot remove moisture or circulate the air properly. A fan that is too large can cause the sauna to go cold. The intake vent and exhaust should be adequately sealed for optimal humidity levels and to prevent air leaks. 
  • Don’t Overlook Electrical Requirements: Saunas require significant electrical work—a dedicated circuit and higher voltage than standard appliances. Use a heavy-duty wire for high temperatures and ensure proper grounding. Never attempt DIY electrical work unless you’re a pro or a certified electrician. Improper electrical installations can turn your serene sauna into a panic room. So, consult a licensed electrician to ensure your home’s electrical system can support your sauna and to install it correctly.
  • Don’t Use Low-Quality Sauna Materials: Quality materials make for a premium sauna that promises sublime sauna sessions in an elegant, sturdy, and safe sauna. Lower-quality wood and materials can deteriorate quickly under high temperatures and humidity. The result? Recurring structural and maintenance issues and a possibly risky sauna. SaunaFin offers luxury red and white western clear cedar saunas and sauna kits with a refreshing aroma and natural resistance to moisture and heat. 

Health and Safety Considerations 

Saunas are a delightful way to de-stress, and regular sauna use offers profound wellness benefits. From heart health and muscle relaxation, detoxification, and glowing skin to endorphin kicks and holistic well-being, this Finnish wellness tradition is now a worldwide trend that’s here to stay!

While saunas are generally safe, following sauna safety precautions is essential. Limit your sessions—15-20 minutes is the sauna safe zone. Stay hydrated. Always use a sauna timer to prevent overheating, and make sure someone is aware of your sweat session. Individuals with medical conditions must avoid using a home sauna in Los Angeles without consulting their healthcare provider. 

Also, don’t skip sauna maintenance. Clean the sauna interior regularly, check the heating elements, and double-check that all electrical components function correctly. Proper maintenance is your ticket to an enduring sauna that remains a safe and rejuvenating retreat.

The Last Word

A personal home sauna in Los Angeles can transform your space into a wellness oasis—an idyllic retreat to refresh and rejuvenate your senses. Following these dos and don’ts can ensure a successful sauna installation that will provide enduring sauna bliss. Remember, proper planning, quality materials, and professional sauna installation are the way to a safe and sublime sauna experience. 

For bespoke saunas and sauna kits, trust SaunaFin to craft your personalized sauna heaven! 

Sixty stellar years of sauna expertise and SaunaFin’s commitment to innovation and quality will ensure your sauna journey is one of renewal and enduring wellness. 

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