Top Sauna Kits for Your Chicago Home

Posted on 16 April 2024

Top Sauna Kits for Your Chicago HomeLonging to bring the wellness and serenity of a sauna spa right into your Chicago home? Well, your personal home spa is within reach with convenient and classy SaunaFin sauna kits! Home saunas in Chicago are a welcome reprieve from the city’s chaos, offering a zen retreat for renewal and inner peace. If you’re considering joining the growing ranks of home sauna owners, it’s time to explore the top sauna kits for your Chicago abode.

Sauna Kit Options

Crafting the dream sauna sanctuary begins with selecting the perfect sauna kit. Each type offers unique benefits, catering to varied tastes and preferences.

  • Traditional Finnish Sauna Kits: Discerning Chicago homeowners who appreciate authenticity and tradition can recreate the Finnish experience with our sauna kits. Crafted from quality red western cedar, these sauna kits offer the essence of Nordic sauna culture—rustic wooden benches and charming wood-burning stoves. Relish the deep, enveloping heat as you renew, rejuvenate, and relax. 
  • Infrared Sauna Kits: Prefer a modern approach to sauna therapy? Infrared home saunas in Chicago might be your best bet! This target wellness approach adopts infrared heaters for radiant heat absorbed directly by the body. Infra-red sauna kits use gentle heat that penetrates deep into the muscles. Experience soothing relief from aches and pains; the glowing skin and improved circulation are a coveted bonus!
  • Steam Sauna Kits: Immerse your senses in a luxurious steam sauna spa experience right in your Chicago condo! The nifty built-in steam generator creates a serene spa ambiance where you can open up those pores and detox with each steamy exhale! The therapeutic steam soothes the respiratory system. Perfect for those dry Chicago winters when you need extra warmth and moisture!

Choosing a suitable sauna kit requires careful consideration. Think space, budget, and personal preferences. The final selection also depends on whether you’re partial to therapeutic healing, relaxation, or both.

Top Sauna Kits for Your Chicago Home

  • Clear Cedar Sauna Kit: Transport yourself to a serene woodland escape with SaunaFin’s aromatic clear cedar sauna kits. Crafted from premium Western Red Cedar and designed for durability, these sauna kits can be custom-built for your Chicago abode. Choose from basic Cedar Plus or the popular premium and floating range with upgraded Sauna Craft heater and electronic controls. 
  • Barrel Sauna Kits: SaunaFin’s distinctive barrel sauna brings rustic elegance to your backyard. Barrel sauna kits are perfect for outdoor spaces with their unique shape and efficient heating. Add a charming porch, or choose the uber-stylish Panoramic View Barrel sauna for stunning alfresco landscapes.
  • Outdoor Sauna Kits: Transform your Chicago abode into a private outdoor sauna oasis, soaking in the opulent warmth with snowflakes dancing outside! Nestled in your backyard or overlooking the skyline, our outdoor sauna kits allow you to revel in fresh air and scenic views while basking in therapeutic warmth. Entertain guests or enjoy quiet, meditative moments—SaunaFin’s outdoor sauna kits offer a truly immersive experience.  
  • Indoor Sauna Kits: Limited outdoor space? Prefer the convenience of an indoor sauna? Transform any indoor space into a tranquil retreat with our indoor sauna kits in Chicago. The compact indoor cabin can fit into your basement or bath, while the gorgeous Pure Vision sauna kit offers the complete sauna spa experience!

The Final Word

From the authentic warmth of an outdoor Finnish sauna to the therapeutic cabin sauna retreat or the luxurious steam indulgence of an indoor steam sauna, there’s a sauna kit for every preference and budget. So embrace the ultimate relaxation-wellness experience with SaunaFin’s top-rated sauna kits, curated specifically for your Chicago home!

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