What is Steam Therapy

Posted on 04 July 2022

Saunas and steam baths are not only super relaxing, but also pack a punch of wellness and health benefits. They can be a welcome escape from everyday life filled with stress and responsibilities. Coming home after a long day to the restorative comfort of your steam shower or sauna is a feeling you most definitely want to experience. Research indicates that steam and sauna bathing can positively affect our mental and physical health, and SaunaFin has everything steam related to ensure you get the pampering you deserve. 

Here’s why steam therapy can be a wellness & spa treat for your mind, body, and soul.


steam showerImagine basking in the enveloping warmth of a tranquil steam shower before you wind up for the day. Regular steam bathers swear by the relaxing effect of steam and also the sound sleep afterward. Steam helps clear the mind and has a soothing and calming effect. Steam baths can be a valuable tool to ease away the physical and mental stresses of the day. The heat causes our body to secrete endorphins, the natural ‘feel good’ hormones that counteract and reduce stress. Also, anxiety symptoms are easier to manage since steam therapy can alleviate stress.


  • Steam not only feels great and calms you down, but it's also amazing for your skin. The moist heat helps stimulate the sweat glands and circulation, rejuvenating the skin and boosting collagen production. Just 10-15 minutes in a steam room can open pores, increase sweating, and eliminate dead skin, blackheads, and toxins. Regular steam baths can truly transform your complexion resulting in dewy and younger-looking skin. 
  • Steam therapy is also good for congestion. It helps clear congested sinuses and stuffy nasal passages—a life-saver for chronic allergies.
  • Steam also kick-starts our immune system. Sitting in a hot steam bath or sauna can artificially raise our body temperature and provide immune-boosting benefits. Regular steam showers and heat exposure can stimulate blood circulation and white blood cell production. This helps our bodies fight bacterial and viral infections.


The peaceful solitude of a sauna or steam bath can nourish both body and soul. The enveloping and healing touch of steam comforts and soothes us. Though your mind may wander initially, the still silence of a steam bath or sauna helps us in introspect. Interestingly, you can feel pleasurably wrung out yet blissfully rejuvenated. It’s a calming reset, a disconnect from daily life to reach a meditative state. Steam and sauna therapy is also known to help reduce depressive symptoms with increased endorphin production. Consistency remains the key to soul therapy and finding your inner balance. Steam therapy cannot fix all your problems, but it certainly elevates your capacity to handle them. Only a few minutes of blissful, relaxing heat of a steam bath can positively affect your negative thoughts. Your tranquil steam/sauna corner can have many additional benefits other than pure relaxation. With minimal investment and space required for a steam shower, homeowners can make every day a spa day! 

Why Choose SaunaFin

Go ahead, grab a towel and pamper yourself in a steam bath or sauna from SaunaFin. The team SaunaFin is committed to providing you with an enhanced sauna steam bath experience with numerous mental, physical and therapeutic benefits. As the leading supplier of premium saunas and steam baths/showers in Canada, SaunaFin offers a magnificent collection to fit every taste and budget. 

Connect with our specialists to bring home your very own steam shower generator or sauna today! 

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