Why an Outdoor Sauna Kit May be Right For You

Posted on 17 January 2024

An outdoor barrel sauna can be your tranquil escape from the stressors and tensions of everyday life. Picture all the Nordic wellness benefits in a captivating outdoor setting. Deliciously perfect! However, choosing the ideal sauna is critical to enjoying its health and relaxation benefits. A home sauna is a substantial investment, and one needs to get the setting, aesthetics, and therapeutic aspects right. If you’ve decided to craft your personal wellness sanctuary, an outdoor sauna kit from SaunaFin is just what you need.

Here’s how outdoor sauna kits can magically transport you into a mindful health and wellness world.

What is an Outdoor Sauna Kit?

Why an Outdoor Sauna Kit May be Right For YouSimply put, an outdoor sauna kit is a complete sauna-in-a-box! It contains all the components you need to build your personal sauna oasis. The SaunaFin sauna material kit includes pre-cut, precisely measured materials and sauna essentials. The step-by-step installation instructions make for straightforward assembly that can be managed by a first-time sauna owner or an enthusiastic DIYer alike. From sturdy, stunningly beautiful red western cedar or clear hemlock wood panels to sauna heaters, roofs, rafters, doors, nails, and casing–you’ll find everything in your barrel sauna kit. You only need to decide where you want to build your sauna escape. 

Boundless Benefits of an Outdoor Sauna Kit

  • Nature Connect: An outdoor sauna kit brings you closer to nature. Break free from the concrete jungle and soak in nature’s comforting sounds and smells while unwinding in the healing heat of your barrel sauna. The outdoor sauna kit can be placed anywhere you fancy–your cottage in the hills, beside a lake or river, by the backyard pool, in your garden, or overlooking your favorite view. 
  • Pocket Friendly: There’s no reason to hold back on your sauna dreams for financial reasons. An outdoor sauna kit is a super money-saver! You can save thousands of dollars with a sauna kit compared to a custom-built prefab sauna. The outdoor barrel sauna kit is affordable, easy to assemble, and low maintenance. It also brings utility savings–the unique barrel design heats up quickly and retains it for longer. 
  • Customization: DIY sauna kits can be customized to your unique preferences. You can select the sauna size, layout, design, and accessories per your requirements. The sauna ‘skin’ can fit literally anywhere you like–in the basement, the yard, or outside by the pool. With an outdoor sauna kit, you aren’t confined to four walls. Choose any location or size you want!
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Building an outdoor sauna from a sauna kit is pretty straightforward. Even an inexperienced DIY enthusiast can build one with the clear, easy-to-follow instructions that come with all sauna kits. In fact, assembling an outdoor sauna kit is not much different from building a DIY bed or wardrobe.
  • Easy Ventilation: Ventilation is a breeze with an outdoor sauna. There’s no need to look for correct ventilation options. Choose any wall to install the vent or chimney! 
  • Social Benefit: Outdoor sauna kits offer a unique social opportunity to connect with friends and family. Relax and reconnect with your tribe, bonding over a soothing community sauna session. 
  • Self-satisfaction: Few things can beat the unparalleled satisfaction of building a sauna from scratch. An outdoor sauna kit empowers you to bring your sauna dream to life. It’s a cherished and rewarding DIY experience you can relish for years. 

The Outdoor Sauna Health Retreat

The outdoor sauna brings therapeutic benefits to soothe your soul and heal your body. 

  • Elevated Wellness: Immersing yourself in the cedar-scented warmth of an outdoor sauna can renew your senses and restore your well-being. Sauna heat is known to boost the production of happy hormones–the coveted endorphins. The tranquil outdoor sauna set amidst natural surroundings calms the mind and enhances mental clarity. Watch your tangled thoughts and tension dissipate with this ancient wellness practice. Recent Finnish studies reveal that regular sauna bathing positively impacts brain health and lowers Alzheimer’s risk. Mindful well-being becomes effortless with regular outdoor sauna sessions in nature’s lap. 
  • Toxin Detox: The heated outdoor sauna sessions can be a comforting contrast to the dropping mercury outside. The high temperature inside the sauna induces natural sweating, allowing your body to purge itself of harmful toxins. Regular outdoor sauna bathing helps the body detoxify and eliminate urea, organic chemicals, and other heavy metals.  
  • Enhanced Immunity: The invigorating sauna heat raises your core body temperature, giving you an ‘artificial fever.’ This elevated temperature kicks in an immune response in the form of increased WBC( White Blood Cell) production. The result? A resilient immune system that bolsters our fight against infections and seasonal ailments. 
  • Circulatory Boost: Hypothermic conditioning during a sauna season optimizes cardiovascular functioning. The increased blood flow enhances circulation, eliminates arterial stiffness, and reduces blood pressure.
  • Pain Management: Regular sauna bathing enhances endorphin production and produces a natural analgesic effect. The sauna heat penetrates deep into the tissues and muscles to provide therapeutic relaxation and pain relief. 
  • Respiratory Health: Outdoor sauna sessions are particularly therapeutic for respiratory issues. The sauna heat and the humid air aid in easing congestion, asthma, and pneumonia. They also have a beneficial effect on overall lung health. 
  • Skin Health: Regular detoxification and sweating in an outdoor sauna promotes collagen production and cell rejuvenation. The body is naturally cleansed of dead skin and sebum, leading to beautiful, radiant skin. Better circulation also reduces acne and skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema. 

The Final Word

The versatile outdoor sauna kits bring incredible value, aesthetics, and sublime wellness benefits to your living space. The outdoor sauna kit can be a show-stopper for your garden or yard, a mindful, meditative spot for mental clarity, a therapeutic stress buster, or a rustic retreat. Choose the one that fits your purpose and calls to your being!  

Invest in Wellness & Value with a SaunaFin Outdoor Sauna Kit 

Saunafin’s outdoor sauna kits can be a stunning addition to your wellness space. Drawing from 60+ years of sauna expertise, SaunaFin saunas bring unparalleled comfort and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on bringing our valued customers the best indoor and outdoor saunas across Canada and North America. An outdoor sauna kit from SaunaFin comes with the promise of premium quality western cedar or sturdy clear hemlock, superior making, and tailored customizations. Saunafin sauna kits are specifically designed for renovators and Do-It-Yourselfers. Our sauna pros will guide you through planning to installation on your outdoor sauna building journey. 


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