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Commercial Sauna Heaters & Parts

Commercial Sauna Heaters

Commercial Sauna Heaters & Parts


Commercial Sauna Heaters &Parts

Commercial sauna heaters are for use in public saunas such as health clubs or condiminiums.
For the most part commercial saunas are the same as the residential home-use models.  The primary difference is the voltage. 
Generally,  commercial building have 208 volt 3-phase power (as opposed to the typical 240v, 1-phase found in homes.)

SaunaFin offers two brands of Commercial sauna heaters: Sauna Craft and TyloHelo.

Sauna Craft offers a range of 208volt, 3-phase heaters from 6 kw up to 18kw.

Sauna Craft has two commercial models avaialble: 

  • CWM / FM series (Standard one year commercial warranty)
  • CW-XRC / FM-XRC (Heavy-duty.  Three year warranty inluding elemetns)

Tylo Sweden does no have a 208v commercial heater approved for North America.  But they have teamed with Tylo-Helo USA to offer the Helo Pro models heater with the modern Tylo controls.

  • TyloHelo Pro (Standard one  year commercial warranty)

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Commercial Sauna Heaters


Sauna Craft Heaters
TPT3 Standard Control
EL-13 Electronic Control (SD4) (from March 2018)
External Switch Feature for EL-13 (not wireless)

COMMERCIAL (208V/3-PHASE - 6 kw up to 18 kw)
TPT3 and EL-13 (208v/3phase) (Public Sauna)
A421 with Spring Timer (Public Sauna)
A421 with Push Button Timer (Public Sauna)



For larger rooms. (10.5,12, & 14.4 kW)
Tylo/Helo Pro with Pure or Elite Control

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