Commercial (Public)

Commercial Sauna Heaters

Commercial Sauna Heaters

Commercial Sauna Heaters

Commercial sauna heaters are for use in public saunas such as health clubs or condiminiums.
For the most part commercial saunas are the same as the residential home-use models.  The primary difference is the voltage. 
Generally,  commercial building have 208 volt 3-phase power (as opposed to the typical 240v, 1-phase found in homes.)

SaunaFin offers two brands of Commercial sauna heaters: Sauna Craft and TyloHelo.

Sauna Craft offers a range of 208volt, 3-phase heaters from 6 kw up to 18kw.

Sauna Craft has two commercial models avaialble: 

  • CWM / FM series (Standard one year commercial warranty)
  • CW-XRC / FM-XRC (Heavy-duty.  Three year warranty inluding elemetns)

Tylo Sweden does no have a 208v commercial heater approved for North America.  But they have teamed with Tylo-Helo USA to offer the Helo Pro models heater with the modern Tylo controls.

  • TyloHelo Pro (Standard one  year commercial warranty)

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Commercial Sauna Heaters


Sauna Craft Heaters
TPT3 Standard Control
EL-13 Electronic Control (SD4) (from March 2018)
External Switch Feature for EL-13 (not wireless)

COMMERCIAL (208V/3-PHASE - 6 kw up to 18 kw)
TPT3 and EL-13 (208v/3phase) (Public Sauna)
A421 with Spring Timer (Public Sauna)
A421 with Push Button Timer (Public Sauna)



For larger rooms. (10.5,12, & 14.4 kW)
Tylo/Helo Pro with Pure or Elite Control

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